Halloween and traveling south continued! Anderson/Hartwell Lake Campground, Fair Harbor RV Park and Perry KOA.

We are currently at our resort in Webster, Florida. The following was written a little over a week ago (in October) and not posted until today because I was so busy getting settled in.

I have never enjoyed the month of October because I do not like Halloween. I do not like people in costumes. I think it goes back to my childhood. So October 31 will soon be here and soon be over and it’s can’t be over soon enough. We are lucky enough to witness Halloween at three different campgrounds, NOT! What is more exciting than the day after Halloween is the start of our six-month stay at Oak Alley.

During our eight-night stay at Jennifer’s, Jason comes for a visit to see his dad. We decide to go back to Dan Nicholas Park to walk the campground. It’s a nice chilly day and perfect weather for a walk in the park.

Back at Jennifer’s, the turkeys decide to take a walk. Hubby assured me that they would not try to peck at me. I got closer to get a better picture.

Back in the 5th wheel, we relax for the evening. BooBoo settles in on our ottoman bed. Soon we will open it into our bed to sleep on. Tomorrow we leave and head south. Our eight-night visit flew by so quickly we decided next year, we will stay a month.

Not even on the road for 15 minutes and traffic is slowed down to a crawl. All three lanes.

We see several of these strange pine trees. WAIT! That is not a tree. It is a fake tree hiding some kind of satellite.

Anderson/Hartwell Lake Campground,

You can’t tell in the picture, but when we pull into our site at Anderson/Hartwell Lake Campground, it is raining pretty hard. We decide not to unhitch. We do have to hook up to the sewer because we could not empty our tanks at Jennifer’s house. And we for sure needed to be hooked up to cable. Hubby wanted to watch football. Remember me telling you we got our truck side windows tinted while at Jennifer’s? We had to wait a few days for the tint to cure so we could not put the windows down. Also, since BooBoo is tethered in the front seat, I had to make sure he could not reach the windows with his paws. Lucky me, I had an excuse to stay in the Big Boy Truck while Hubby hooked everything up in the rain. YAY!

When we pull into the campground, we notice this very bright-colored RV and we comment on it. Looking at their brochure, we notice this same RV on the cover of the brochure. They must be regulars. When we book a reservation, some campgrounds will have a disclosure stating they may use your RV in advertisements.

An accident right after the Georgia line holds up traffic for over two hours. It’s a Penske box truck on its side.

You are seeing it right. We are going “0” miles per hour.

Fair Harbor RV Park.

We stayed here last year. When I went to check-in, they did not have our reservation. They had to move a few RVs around to make room for us. All worked out.

This is the campground with the goats.

This is also the campground with the beautiful stream flowing through it.

I booked a two-night stay here in Georgia so we can return to Lane Orchards to stock up on pecans and peaches.

Our next stay is a return stay at Perry KOA in Perry, Florida. Sorry, but I didn’t get pictures of the campground. As I was heading out to capture a few pics in the morning, Bella had a problem. I’m not sure what was wrong with her but her front leg/paw kinda froze up under her neck, like she had a cramp in it. Needless to say, it scared me. Hubby was outside doing his outside work so he didn’t see it. I hurried and took off her harness thinking her foot/paw got stuck somehow in it. I checked to see if her nails were caught in her fur which they were not. I picked her up and held her close and within a few seconds, she was fine. She was fine the rest of the day.

Around 1 pm, we pull into Oak Alley RV Park for our six-month stay.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and Stay tuned for more adventures during our stay at Oak Alley.

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