Day, 96, 97, 98, & 99: Fueling Up in Adel, Iowa and Heading to Illinois. Rock Island KOA

Saturday, September 11, Day 96

We unhook every night, whether we stay for one night, two nights or more. It’s easier for us to fuel up the Big Boy Truck when unhooked from our 5th wheel. When we are hooked up and need to fuel up, our best bet is to fuel up at truck stops. Today, we fuel up at a Casey’s General Store and take a drive around the area to sightsee.

Within minutes of getting fuel, we see this. The Majestic Courthouse in Adel, Iowa. The courthouse was built in 1902 at a cost of $109,000. That was a lot of money back then.

The roads leading into town were lined with flags. I assume the flags were in honor of 9-11. Today is the 20th anniversary of 9-11.

Sunday, September 12, Day 97

We leave the KOA at 10:15 am and head towards our next destination. We will be staying in Illinois at the Rock Island KOA. On our way to the Rock Island KOA, we cross over the great Mississippi. The Mississippi is a very short distance from our campground.

We pull into the Rock Island KOA around 2:30 pm and again at this campground, the sites are very close to each other. Our site is level, gravel but not full hookups. We have electric and water. I didn’t realize this when I booked the site and didn’t know until I got a call from Debbie at Rock Island KOA asking if I knew? On the phone, she told me she had a back-in site with full hookups if we wanted full hookups. We told her it was okay if we didn’t have a sewer hookup. We wanted the pull thru site. Hubby can back up the 5th wheel, but we like the ease of pull thru sites.

As you can see, the sites are very close together.

Today, when we pulled in, we were the only rig in our row. Within a few hours, the park was full

We do have a nice view from one of our windows. Unfortunately, it is the window we need to keep the blind closed on. This is the window Benji likes to look out of, waiting for a dog to go past so he can bark his head off. Then Bella chimes in and it is just chaos inside of the 5th wheel until we put a stop to the madness.

This campground has many small lakes surrounding the sites.

Watch out for the goose poop. I will enjoy this swing one of the evenings we are here.

The camp store is nice, the pool area is awesome. And there are tons of things to do for the kiddies.

This cute little cabin is right on the water. Guests can sit on the deck which has a great view of the lake.

The Rock Island/Quad Cities KOA is located at Camelot, These graffiti towers are displayed along the road in front of the campground.

Monday, September 13, Day 98

We didn’t do much today. Took a quick trip to Walmart. Came back and decided to take a walk around the campground. Captured this beautiful sunset.

We have seen some amazing sunsets on this trip.

Tuesday, September 14, Day 99

Today, we go to Walmart again. I forgot to get dog food yesterday. We also got fuel at the Iowa 80 Truck Stop. This truck stop in Iowa is the largest Truck Stop in the world. I wonder if it is truly the largest truck stop in the world.

I walked around the inside of the store section of the Truck Stop. I didn’t buy anything.

In the evening, I decide to take a walk and again capture a most beautiful sunset. Water always makes for an awesome picture. I will miss these sunsets. Not to say we won’t see these sunsets back at our homebase. We just won’t have this beautiful setting for the sun to set upon.

The temperature this evening is perfect. I really enjoyed my walk

We are here for three nights. We will take another three nights to get to our homebase from here. Our Wild West Adventure was awesome but unfortunately it is coming to an end. With the cost of fuel and staying in KOAs and other higher-end campgrounds I figured our WWA (Wild West Adventure) cost us between 5 and 6K a month. This is just a guestimate but I guess we spent a good 2.5K on fuel alone. We used way more fuel in the mountains than on flat land, but our normal fuel consumption is a tank full for every four hours we drive. On travel days, we like to stay under four hours driving time. Campgrounds were costing us an estimated average of $55 to $60 per night. We need deluxe sites. I cook almost every day so we are saving by not eating out, but our grocery bill averages around $700 per month. We made a few large purchases for the 5th wheel. We had to replace our surge protector for $500 and we bought a new dish antenna and stand for $500. By the time we get to our homebase in a few days, we will have stayed at 38 different campgrounds. The memories are priceless. I’m glad I am blogging our trip. We’ve been to so many National Parks and other attractions in this short 100 days that I have to go back and read my blog to refresh my memory.

BooBoo & Bella are in big need of a grooming. One week from today. They love there groomer back at our homebase. Dawgie Stylz by Chelsey.

Benji recently had a grooming but he will go again. We need to keep him cut short because is doggie fur grows so fast.

Once in Florida for the winter, we have a grooming salon we like and trust. Our fur kids do not shed. We are lucky with that. Being in a 400 ft living area, we are glad they do not shed.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


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