BooBoo Gets Sick & Ogallala KOA

As you all know, we love and take very good care of our Fur Kids. On Labor Day eve, BooBoo got sick. I dropped a beet on the floor and before I stooped down to get it, BooBoo got it and ate it. I researched it and beets are ok in moderation. Since it was only one beet, I didn’t worry. BooBoo also wanted to play with a small pillow that had crocheted yarn on it. When I saw BooBoo pulling pieces of yarn out of the pillow, I took it off of him and threw it away. Soon BooBoo went into the kitchen and was having trouble swallowing. Hubby called to me saying BooBoo was sick. I opened BooBoo mouth thinking maybe he got a piece of yarn from the pillow in his mouth. I saw nothing. Then BooBoo vomited. BooBoo was still having trouble swallowing. It was after 7pm on a holiday. I found a Vet Hospital near by and sure enough, they had a vet on call and I got to talk to him. I gave him a brief explanation of what was happening and said he would meet us at the vet hospital. He said there would be charges for holiday and after hours if I felt BooBoo was doing good enough to wait until morning. I told him I needed piece of mind and we were leaving for our next destination in the morning. We met Dr Fred at Alpine Animal Hospital at 8pm. Dr Fred was very nice. He examined BooBoo and gave him a shot for nausea. He also gave me some pills for BooBoo in case BooBoo kept throwing up. He said if BooBoo had anything in his throat, he would be choking. He said he thought BooBoo would be fine that everything checked out ok. I felt due to it being a holiday and after hours the bill was more than reasonable. Half of what I thought it would be. And I had piece of mind that my BooBoo would be fine.

Thank you Dr Fred for taking such good care of Booboo. And for coming in on a holiday, after hours. If you are ever in Laramie and your pet gets sick or hurt, I highly recommend Alpine Animal Hospital.

BooBoo and I didn’t get much sleep. BooBoo probably slept better than I did because I kept waking up to make sure BooBoo was okay. BooBoo was still having trouble swallowing most of the night and into the morning. BooBoo was probably 80% better when we woke up at 7am and a few hours later, he seemed to be doing much better. I don’t know what was wrong or why that was happening to BooBoo.

Anyway, The Vet office called me in the morning to ask how BooBoo was doing and I thought that was pretty special.

We headed out shortly after 10 am and 99% of the drive would be on I 80.

We pull into the Ogallala KOA Campground in Nebraska at 2pm. I have to tell you, the two girls that work here are the nicest, most friendly campground hosts I’ve ever encountered. I love people that love their job.

When we pulled into the campground today, almost ever site was open. During the next few hours, it was a constant line of RVs coming in and parking. By 7 pm, the campground was full.

Check-in was quick and easy. We were escorted to our site. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I like being escorted to our site. Every campground should do this.

Our site in gravel, level and full hookups. We have a really nice patio with outdoor furniture and a bbq grill. We also have a firepit. This campground like many others is right off of the highway so it is a little noisy. I can see I80 from my window next to my bed. The several times I glanced out at the vehicles on I 80, there is RV after RV. People say that because of COVID, the RV business soared. I totally believe that to be true. People want to sleep in their own beds and use their own bathroom while traveling these days. People want to enjoy the outdoors. What better way to do this then to RV.

Our site is really nice and this is one park that I would have liked to have stayed longer.

We ordered food to be delivered from what is supposed to be a very good Italian restaurant. The driver was two hours late and when he did arrive, he didn’t have our order. Shit happens. He offered to bring our order and not charge us. I told him we actually already ate and for him to please just issue us a refund which he did. Some people would be livid and yelled at the delivery person and then go leave a horrible review. Not me. As I said, shit happens.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind, Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.

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