Day 89: Highway 487 & Laramie KOA

Saturday, September 4, Day 89.

Today is a travel day. We are heading to Laramie. Should be a short 2.5 hour drive. Highway 487 was a piece of crap. We were on this highway for 71 miles and the first 40 miles were horrible. I was actually afraid to open the doors of the 5th wheel thinking everything would be thrown around. Several areas had signs alerting us. The sign said “damaged highway”. In my opinion, the whole first 40 miles were damaged. Two different places on the highway had road construction with short sections going down to one lane. Red and green lights are cheap labor. No need for a flag person.

The road was mile after mile of nothing. It is still very smoky from wildfires. People crowd themselves in cities like New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Vegas, etc. There is so much empty land, undeveloped and un-farmed out West.

We pull into the KOA. This KOA and most of the ones we’ve been staying in are very close to the interstates. The pro with that is it is close to the interstate. The con is all of the highway noise. After a while, you just get used to it and ignore it. You do have to turn up the volume on the TV. This KOA has a nice camp store. If you’ve been following my blog, you probably can tell that we prefer KOA campgrounds. We reserve deluxe sites and always have plenty of room. We have had long pull-thru sites at every KOA campground we’ve stayed at this trip. The reservation system is awesome. KOA campgrounds are a little pricey, but we have good luck with them.

We have a long, full hookup, gravel site. We do have to park the Big Boy Truck at an angle, but it works for us.

The flower pot was at the entrance of the campground office. We have a picnic table and firepit at our site.

The fur kids sleep a lot in the Big Boy Truck on travel days. The minute we pull out the slides and bring in the fur kids, Bella plops down on the floor as if she is so tired she can’t walk another minute. Benji and BooBoo are glad to be on the couch

The one thing I refuse to do for Hubby is to peel and cut his peaches. My mom (Rip Bummy) and my sister have peeled and cut his peaches in the past. This is something I do not want to do. We bought a $1.99 paring knife at the camp store. Hubby is doing an excellent job. He is complaining a lot. What’s new?

No better way to end a day, with a beautiful sunset.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.

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