Day 88, Travel Day To Casper WY. Casper KOA

Friday, September 3, Day 88, a travel day.

The fur kids patiently wait while I secure things in the kitchen. They know it is a travel day.

Today would be a three hour drive day. An hour and a half of this drive, we will be backtracking on same road in which we drove when we left Wind River heading to Cody. We will go through the same series of tunnels. Look at the top of these tunnels. It looks like someone chiseled the inside of the tunnel by hand with a chisel.

Benji gets a little antsy towards the end of the ride. Don’t know how he knows we are nearing our destination but he does because he starts barking to let us know he is tired of riding. He is one smart pup.

All along US20 there are these cowboy signs. I had to capture these pictures from inside of the Big Boy Truck going 60 miles per hour. There is not anywhere to pull over. There were many of these signs but I only captured a few of them. Wyoming is called the Cowboy state.

We are in the middle of nowhere. We drive miles and miles without seeing a house or another vehicle on this US 20, but we do see a school bus.

We make it to our destination. Casper KOA. Check in was quick and easy. We got an escort to our site. I like escorts. This is a KOA Journey.

Our site is full hookups, gravel, and level with plenty of room for our big rig and our Big Boy Truck. I’m told they have an indoor pool here. We have a cement patio and picnic table. The county ordinance prohibits wood fires and fireworks in case anyone is interested in staying here. This place is perfect for a one night stop for us.

This park has free WIFI. It is the fastest internet I’ve ever seen at a campground. We are very close to the WIFI tower.

When I was checking in, I was told about a great restaurant within walking distance called the Hanger.

There is an opening in the campground’s fence just to make it easier to get to the Hanger. We order take-out and I walk over to get it. It is a VERY nice restaurant and the food is really good. Hubby got his usual, chicken tenders with hand cut french fries. He got a side order of Mac & Cheese. I got pasta. Very delicious.

As you know, Hubby and I are together 24/7 and below is a typical conversation when we are in the Big Boy Truck trying to carry on a conversation: The convo below is when we are approaching our KOA destination.

ME: There is the KOA sign. Do you see it?


ME: Do you see the KOA sign?

Hubby: I answered you twice.

ME: You did not. You probably thought you answered me in your head. Nothing came out of your mouth. Do you see the KOA sign?

Hubby: Yes

When traveling full-time with the Hubby, you not only have to love him, you have to like him. He also thinks out loud. I have to ask him: “Are you talking to me?” No, he is thinking out loud. UGH!

We are both getting wore out from traveling. We’ve done a lot of sightseeing, staying in many different campgrounds and putting on many miles on the Big Boy Truck. We are looking forward to getting to our homebase in PA where we can relax for a month. We are also looking forward to wintering in Florida. It is not that far off. Next summer, we have not yet decided where we want to travel to, but we will spend a month at a time in each location. This Wild West Adventure we are on was so much fun, but we moved too much. Mostly because there was too much to see in each state.

Our next destination is a KOA in Laramie, Wyoming. We will be there for three nights. I reserved this stay months ago because it is going to be Labor day weekend. Labor day weekend is a huge camping weekend for campers. The parks fill up since it is the last hooray of the year.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.

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