Day 83. Travel Day to Cody, Wyoming. Staying at Cody KOA

Today is Sunday, August 29, 2021. Day 83 of our Wild West Adventure

Our drive started out on a flat, straight, level road. We were happy about this. After the last several days, we needed flat and straight. It would not last for long though. Drive time today would be two hours. Shortly into our drive, we see a mountain range in the not so far distance. I told Hubby to get ready. I could tell there is no missing this mountain range. The mountain range was huge and long. Our GPS instructed us to turn right on Route US20 and then the fun began. Surprising, the road was very nice. There were many curves but we could take these at full speed. Note, our full speed is anywhere from 55 to 65 miles per hour, even when the speed limit is 70 and 80 miles per hour. We were awestruck at the enormacity and beauty of these mountains. When have you heard this phrase come out of my mouth before? The west is full of enormous and beautiful mountain ranges and we’ve driven a good majority of them.

But wait!! What is ahead? Is that a tunnel? What is the height? Whew, the height is 14 feet. We are 13.5. I ask Hubby to at least go through slow. Does he listen? NO! We had five inches to spare before we knocked our air conditioners off the roof of the RV.

Not only is there one tunnel, there are three right in a row. An 18 wheeler that was coming towards us fit through these series of tunnels. If an 18 wheeler can fit, so can we. I’ve said it before and I will say it again. I hate tunnels and bridges.

This series of tunnels were scary. I do not believe I’ve ever seen a tunnel like these.

I can take picture after picture of the mountains. Each mountain is different.

There is a railroad track that runs along the side of the road that winds through this mountain range. We will never be able to do this, but wouldn’t it be cool to take a passenger train through the mountain ranges out west?

We find a scenic pull-over area and we pull in. We don’t need to take a break, we just want to take it all in. Hubby has a hard time looking at the mountains when he is driving. He has to keep his eyes on the road and concentrate. He wants a better look. We also want to take the fur kids out for a walk. It’s 75º in the mountains so the pavement is not hot.

We also take time out to get a selfie.

What a great background for a picture of our Big Boy Truck and 5th Wheel. We put the front steps down so could enter the 5th wheel and use the bathroom.

A stream follows the road most of the way. The water is so blue.

As we drive east, the mountain ranges turn from a light color to a red. As I said before, not one mountain looks like another one.

The two hours went by quickly. We make it to Cody and we pull into the KOA. The lady behind the reservation desk is a delight. She was very nice and asked if I wanted to use some of my rewards points. Since we reserved a deluxe site with a patio I told her yes, please apply the allowable points. We were able to save some money using some of my points.

Our site is right along the highway, which is fine. When I come out of the reservation office with the map of the park, I show it to Hubby. It looks like our site is the first one as you enter the park. Since I am out of the truck, I walked over to our site so I can access the situation while Hubby drove down around the road so he could get the correct angle to pull into our site. I directed him into the site.

Hubby had to get a good swing to get into the space. Benji loves watching out the window.

We had a difficult time getting into this site so that our steps would come down and our slides would pull out without hitting the utilities. If you look at the concrete patio, it did not have a straight edge. If we got the passenger side situated so the steps will come down, our slideouts on the driver’s side would hit the electric box. We backed up, but then we were too far from our utilities. We must have moved the 5th wheel five or six times until we got it just right. Hubby said we looked like newbies. I laughed and said sometimes we still are. Finally, we got the 5th wheel in the space so the steps would come down and the slideouts would miss the utility boxes.

We have a very nice patio. The nicest one in the whole park. Maybe they thought because we are so close to the road, they would reward us with a nice patio. We have dual pane windows which helps with road noises. They also help keep it cooler inside when we run the air.

This is a nice campground. The camp store is awesome. I’ve never seen a campstore have this much merchandise. They had a sale of 50% off everything except for food so Hubby and I went shopping. We both got t-shirts, nice ones and Hubby got a pair of sunglasses. This KOA serves complementary pancakes every morning between 7 and 9 am. They have a bunch of cute small cabins. The teepees are really cute.

This KOA has a very large pool and a hot tub. I didn’t get a picture of the hot tub because people were enjoying it. The KOA also has a very nice basketball court. Lots to do for adults and the kiddies.

This is a very nice campground. I’m glad we are staying here for five nights. I’m so much looking forward to going to Yellowstone. We’ve been to Cody and Yellowstone two different times back in our motorcycle days. It’s nice to be back.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind.

Prayers to everyone that is in the path of Hurricane IDA.


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