Day 81, Dinosaur National Park

This selfie was taken at Dinosaur National Park. The formation in the background is turtle rock.

Since this is a “National Park” our America the Beautiful pass got us free entry. This is one national park I never heard of and the main reason we went there was because it was a half hour drive from our campground. I didn’t pick this campground to be near the Dinosaur National Monument, we picked the campground because it was near the route we were driving to our next destination. Going to the Dinosaur National Monument was a bonus.

Beautiful daisies were everywhere.

We took the auto tour. The first thing I did was hike a short distance to a Petroglyph site. This was pretty cool.

It was a short hike. I kept watch for snakes. You never know???

It was an easy walk and it would have been easier if it were not 90º out.

Towards the top of the path were some steps that looked like they were carved from rocks. I had to be careful not to lose my footing on these steps.

We stopped at this trail but it was a 3.2 mile trail loop and you all know what I think of hiking. The level of difficulty for this trail was moderate to difficult. That didn’t make a difference. I was not walking the trail alone and it would not be fair to leave hubby and the fur kids in the truck waiting while I hiked it. And it was very hot out.

The Green River winds through this national park. Today the river was brown. No green in the river today.

There is a boat launch area here along with a campground.

This rock formation is called the Turtle Rock. The head really looks like a turtle.

When we arrived, we passed the visitor center. We stopped at the visitor’s center on our way out of the park.

This is probably the only dinosaur I’m going to see.

Hubby waits in the Big Boy Truck with the fur kids. I always tell Hubby that I will wait in the truck while he goes on the trails at every park we go to. He doesn’t want to. I just want everyone to know I offer.

I left my mask in the truck. I had to go back to the truck to get it.

Inside are all kinds of cool stuff and a gift store.

Outside are rock formations in which I think the fossils are located. I truly believe you have to take the tour if you want to see everything.

I walked the trail for a while. It was hot and I didn’t know what I was looking at so I turned around and went back to the visitor’s center.

More pretty flowers. Everything here is pretty drab so the flowers brightened the area.

There is a dinosaur. A pink one. Right in the middle of town.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind, even dinosaurs.

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