Day 80. Travel Day, heading to Vernal/ Dinosaurland KOA Holiday

A storm blew through early in the morning. Lucky for us, the rain stopped before we were ready to do our outside work. When we break camp, we need to so several outside duties. Hubby will first unhook the water hose. After the slides are pulled in, Hubby can disconnect the sewer hose. The sewer hose connection is under the slide and in my opinion, that is a poor place for it. Also, after the slides are in, Hubby can disconnect the electricity cable. We need full electricity to pull in the slides. If we are not connected to 50 amps, we use our generator. If we are connected to the campground cable TV, we need to disconnect the cable for that. I bought quick connect fittings for our Coaxial Cables and that makes my life much easier. We have them for inside and outside. After these outside duties are finished, it is time to hitch up to the Big Boy Truck. Our leveling system is inside of our water door. Hubby backs the truck up to the Pin Box on the 5th wheel. I then raise or lower the 5th wheel to the height needed to hitch up. We have a feature called “hitch height” that does not work. It keeps giving me an error so I do it manually. Hubby backs up to the 5th wheel and the trucks hitch engages with the Pin Box. The next step is to remove the wheel chocks. Hubby gets the ones on the driver side of the 5th wheel and I got the ones on the passenger side. Now is time to raise the jacks. I hit a button called “retract all”. After the jacks are raised, we have wooden blocks under the leveling jacks we need to remove. We are glad it quit raining.

BooBoo waits patiently while we get ready to leave.

Benji thinks he is king of the mountain when he sits on the cooler. I did move it. I don’t need him falling off when Hubby takes a corner too quick. Bella is already asleep in her bed on the floor. It’s going to be almost a four hour drive time today. Need to get comfortable and settle in. I usually do not like to schedule long drive days but this one could not be helped.

The drive is going well. The roads are rather good. We are following route 199 and 6. The GPS tells us to make a right hand turn on 199. This route puts us on a beautiful road in this mountain area.

This road is full of curves with with areas that do not have guard rails with cliffs that are very dangerous.

Switchbacks and hairpin turns, some with guardrails and some without. What good would a guardrail do us. With 20,000 pounds of 5th wheel behind us, we would go right over.

What, a school bus? If I remember right, this road is 20 some miles long. I never expected to see a school bus on this road. God Bless the driver especially if the driver has to drive this road in the winter.

Once out of the mountain range, we stopped for fuel. Cha-ching, Cha-ching, Cha-ching. Almost $100 worth of Cha-chings. Fuel is now our biggest expense.

We arrive at our campground around 3 pm. A storm is brewing and we need to hurry and get un-hitched. Everything we do when we leave a campground, now has to be done in reverse when we get to a campground. We need to hurry though, Rain is coming.

Registration is quick and easy. The staff was very nice. No escort to our site and again, we miss the road to our site and we have to turn around. Mostly my fault. I swear, sometimes I can’t find my way out of a paper bag.

BUT!!! The camper that was behind us did the same thing. You would have thought they would have watched us turn around and learned from our mistake. But nope. UGH! Hubby and I laughed knowing we are not the only ones to make this mistake.

Our site is level and long enough for us to unhitch and park the truck in front of our 5th wheel.

We are on a gravel site, with full hook-ups. We have a nice area with a picnic table and a shade thingy do. We have a little privacy fence and a firepit.

A dinosaur greets you at the entrance. This campground has small cabins for rent here. A very nice play area for the kiddies. A nice swimming pool I’m sure will get some use today since the high today is 90º. Oh, yes, there is also Put-Put.

Campgrounds out west (in my opinion) are different from the ones in the east and southeast. The campgrounds in the east and southeast are more like resorts. If you were from the eastern part of the United States, you might wonder why I give these campgrounds good reviews. I can’t explain it. They are just different. But they are nice in their own way.

BooBoo will be happy there is grass. Speaking of grass, there was a very large pile of dog shit and I almost stepped in it. I have to say that people that do not clean up after their pets should be put in cages so we can throw dog shit at them.

We get finished with only a few sprinkles on our heads. Once inside is another matter. A huge storm hits with lots of lightning and thunder. Thankfully no wind. I hate wind. Wind is the worst.

Once settled in and after we eat dinner, we head to our areas to relax. When you spend 24/7/365 with your spouse, you need to have separate areas. BooBoo and I relax in our bed in the garage area and Hubby, Bella and Benji will head to the bedroom to relax and watch a little of the tube.

I love my set-up in the garage. Even though my space is small because we have the golf cart in the garage, my bed is right next to the window. I have a 14-Position Memory Foam Folding Adjustable Gaming Sofa Chair to sit on before bedtime. When it is time to go to sleep, it easily stores behind the golf cart. Works great.

I love my window right next to my bed. Tonight, I get to see a beautiful sunset. Who could ask for better than this?

I thank God every day for the beauty I see during our travels. I am truly blessed.

God Bless Everyone, Stay Safe, and be Kind to Every Kind.


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