Day 77, Canyonlands National Park

Monday, August 23, Day 77 of our Wild West Adventure

Our day started out with a trip to get the Big Boy Truck hosed off. Many campgrounds do not permit washing vehicles. Our Big Boy Truck got so dirty when we were in Zion. We got caught in a rainstorm. The wind blew the sand at the truck and it stuck to the sides of the truck, the running boards and many other noticeable places. The dirty truck was driving Hubby crazy. It kinda bothered me too. We found a place that had stalls wide enough to fit the Big Boy Truck.

After getting the Big Boy Truck hosed off, we remember passing a bakery and you know how Hubby likes his sweets. The bakery was just down the road a bit so that was our next stop. The bakery is the building with the red awning. I’m sure we will go there again because they have my Hubby’s Oatmeal Raisin cookies and he thought they were very good.

I always send Hubby into the Bakery. Hubby is very picky about his sweets. He needs to pick out what he wants. As you can see, he did very well. $18.62. We put everything on credit cards and pay the balance in full each month. We do not carry a lot of cash. And we get rewards.

Now it is off to Canyonlands National Park. I was talking to my sister and we had.a bad connection and she thought we were going to Candyland.

Again, our America the Beautiful pass gets us free entry. And again, no line of cars at the pay station. We drove right up and handed the lady our pass along with my ID and within seconds, we were on our way.

Along with the park map and brochure and newsletter, we were handed a Pet rules paper.

This would be my least favorite attraction after the Grand Canyon. I guess I like mountains much better than Canyons.

It was hard for both Hubby and I to get our Selfie picture at Canyonlands National Park because you had to walk a short distance to get the canyon in the picture and we don’t like leaving our fur kids in the truck alone, even for a few minutes. So the Canyonlands selfie would be of me alone.

Our Big Boy Truck is not going to know how to drive on a straight road. Poor Hubby’s arms have to be tired from navigating all of the curves we’ve been on since our Wild West Adventure started.

But alas, we do have a straight piece of road but it looks like will will drive straight into a boulder. There are many optical illusions out West.

It was a very windy day here and to get really great pictures, you needed to get as close to the edge as you can. Not me. I was not going to get blown off of a ledge by a wind gust. My pictures and views will have to be seen by standing back away from the ledges.

There was a walking trail to see the Upheaval Dome . My picture would have to be taken from a scenic overlook.

I did walk a short trail to snap some pictures of the Green River. Yes, the water is green. A lot of the trails are concrete sidewalks. Makes walking the trails easy peasy.

It must have rained here recently because the path to one of the overlooks is wet and muddy. I’m not walking through there with my white tennis shoes on. It looks like someone tried to walk through there.

It was what appeared to be an easy trail to go to the furthest point at this scenic area. I got so far and decided I went far enough. Again, my pictures would be taken from afar.

This trail was a little harder to walk on.

Pets are not welcome in many areas of Canyonlands.

All of the trails and overlooks are well marked. Storyboards are interesting.

The pictures below were taken from pull-offs. Mostly through the side window of the Big Boy Truck.

I like mountains way more holes in the ground.

Hubby decided to finally get out and take some pictures.

Hubby has a very good camera and I have to admit, his pictures do come out pretty good. GOOD JOB HUBBY!

Since it is dinner time when we leave Canyonlands, we decide to get a “take-out” food order. We find a restaurant in town and decide to try it. Sure enough, they allow “take out” orders and I order a good meal for us.

God Bless, Stay Safe, & Be Kind to Every Kind.


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