DAY 75, Arches National Park

Saturday, August 21, 2021, Day 75.

We are going on a day trip to Arches National Park. First thing we need to do is fuel up. I quit looking at the cost for fuel out here in the west. It cost us $100 or more each time we need to fuel up and we are not empty when we do fuel up. We usually fuel up when we get to a half or quarter of a tank. This is our biggest expense. On a brighter note, even at a gas station you have a nice view of mountains.

Arches National Park is only about 15 minutes from our campground. Again, our America the Beautiful pass gets us free entry into the park. Again when we get to the pay station, we have no cars in front of us and today is a Saturday. Maybe it’s not crowded because Canadians are still not allowed across the border. People from other countries are here because I can’t understand the languages they are speaking.

We take our Arches Selfie.

When we first enter the park we stop to take a picture of the road we got off of along with the road we took to get to the park. The road in the park has many pull offis. Since we have the pups, we will not do any trail walking. Hubby’s back and hips usually start hurting after walking a quarter of a mile anyway. We will stop at the pull offs and take pictures.

So many beautiful views. I took this picture with my phone using the pano mode.

Why not get a selfie of me.

No comment here! Use your imagination.

This is the balancing rock. Hubby mentioned several times how many years before this rock falls off. Has any of you heard about the Old Man of the Mountain. Rocks formed a face of an old man on the side of a mountain ledge. It was very famous and we saw it before it fell off.

FROM GOOGLE: After a stormy night in Franconia Notch 15 years ago, daybreak on May 3 – still rainy and dreary from the night before – revealed that New Hampshire’s iconic Old Man of the Mountain was gone.

Weather, wind and rain could erode these famous iconic rock formations and one day this boulder could be on the ground. Or what if an earthquake hit this area. This is just something we think about when we see something like this boulder balancing on a huge rock formation.

Because we are not walking the trails, we need to get pictures of the Arches from the pull offs on the road. We’ve been to Arches before on one of our motorcycle adventures and we walked the main trail. I remember it being over 100º and we had on our motorcycle clothes. Long jeans and motorcycle boots.

We did pull off into a parking lot that led to a short trail. I decided to walk it while Hubby sat in the Big Boy Truck with the fur kids. There were actually two trails. A short one that I took that led to a viewing area and a long one that I figure took you closer to the arch.

I would take the short trail and get pictures from afar. I did zoom in but the pictures were a little blurry.

So many beautiful rock formations, too many to put all of the pictures on this post but here are a few.

We pull off into a parking lot. We have the whole parking lot to ourselves. The park is not crowded at all.

We get snacks and water for the fur kids. Benji is with us, just didn’t want his picture taken today.

Bella enjoys the wind in her face. We only allow them to have the windows down when we are going very slow.

A few more pictures of rock formations and then we are ready to leave the park. Since our campground is so close and we can get free entry with our America the Beautiful pass, we will come back during the week. Why not. It’s a beautiful drive and we might as well do it while we are here.

Back at the campground, I cook supper and then BooBoo and I relax on our bed in the garage. BooBoo loves to look out the window next to our bed. He will sit there for an hour just looking out.

Our fur kids have traveled more than most people have. If they could talk, boy, the stories they could tell. I’d love to know what they are thinking when we get ready for a travel day or a day trip. They get very excited when we put their harnesses on.

God Bless, Stay Safe, and Be Kind to Every Kind.


2 thoughts on “DAY 75, Arches National Park

  1. I visited Arches about 39 years ago. I remember my husband (at the time) and I decided to “walk to that arch.” It was the iconic one that is always featured in the photos. It seemed like it took us forever to get there! We’d walk and walk, and it didn’t seem to get any closer. I also remember there were skull and crossbones everywhere saying not to drink the water. We saw very few people there that day. Your pictures are beautiful, and it is nice you are close and can visit again.


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