Day 73, Richfield KOA Holiday

Thursday, August 19, 2021, Day 73 of our Wild West Adventure

We always dump our black and gray tanks the evening before a travel day. Hubby went out to dump the tanks and to our dismay, nothing came out of the black tank. We “AGAIN” have another poop pyramid. Shit! Actually, shit and toilet paper. We have the magic wand. This will have to wait until morning.

Have any of you ever seen Prevost Motorhomes. These coaches are the top of the line, luxury motorhomes also known as busses. These are multi-million dollar coaches. Yesterday evening, a coach pulled into the site on the right of us. I looked out the window of our 5th wheel and knew right away it was a Prevost. I could tell it was not the top of the line coach. This one, in my estimate only retailed for three or four million. Chump change.

So here we are in the morning pulling our water hose into our bathroom and Hubby is using our magic want to break lose our poop pyramid. I was outside watching the sewer hose to see if Hubby breaks through the clog. Very quickly, the clog is cleared and the contents of the black tank come flowing out. And if you think when something like this happens that people are not watching, think again. We watch other campers, they are watching us. I wonder if Prevost Motorhomes get clogs in their black tank?

After we do the dirty job, it only takes us a half hour and we are on the road heading to our next RV park. The smoke in the air gets thicker with each mile we drive.

We have a two and a half hour drive. It went by quickly. The roads were good. It was a nice ride. Soon we arrive at the Richfield, KOA. It’s cold. Yesterday, the temperatures were over 100º. Today, when we pulled into the KOA, it was 63º and windy.

We have a very nice site. It’s gravel and level with full hook-ups. We have a patio with a grill, firepit, outdoor table and chairs and our own dog pen. It’s too cold to sit outside and I’m not going to grill out. I’m going to stay in my warm, cozy 5th wheel.

I hear a beeping sound coming from a vehicle. You know, the beeping sound you hear when a commercial vehicle is backing up. It appears this campground is right next to a school and the school busses were heading out of the lot.

We did let the fur kids try out the dog pen. All they wanted to do was smell the areas where other dogs had been.

This campground has a nice large swimming pool.

Most campground have cabins. Back in the day, we traveled by motorcycle. We stayed in hotels. I never thought about staying in cabins. Cabins at campgrounds would be really cool to stay in. We’ve never stayed in one of these cabins and as long as we have our home on wheels, we will just look at the cool cabins from the outside.

We are only here for one night. Tomorrow, we head to Moab.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if you travel, try staying in a cabin in a campground instead of a hotel. It might be fun.


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