Day 66 of our Wild West Adventure, Driving to WillowWind RV Park in Hurricane, UT.

Thursday, August 12, Day 66 of our Wild West Adventure.

Our one night stay at Canyon Trails RV Park is over and it is time to head East to Utah. We have to go under a tunnel. This tunnel was a little scary. We had to go under it in order to get to our campground and we had to go under it again when we left our campground. I hate when tunnels do not display the height restriction. Our GPS works great for notifying us of tunnels that are too low for us to drive through. There was not a warning for this tunnel so we drove through slowly. It was plenty high. But that does not prevent us from worrying. Our 5th wheel is 13.6 feet high. If a semi truck can fit under an overpass or through a tunnel, we can too.

I think it was the dip in the road and the angle of the road that gave an optical illusion that the tunnel looked lower than it was.

Hubby didn’t want to go to Las Vegas after touring the Hoover Dam. I’ve been to Vegas before so it was no big deal for me. He would have to see it through the Big Boy Truck window. Bye Las Vegas. We pass through three states before we reach our destination. Nevada, Arizona, and our destination Utah.

Again the turaine changed the further east we got. It was mostly flat until we got to this mountain range.

I watched out the window of the Big Boy Truck in awe of the massiveness of this mountain range. Every time we pass through a mountain range, both Hubby and I mention our thoughts on how they cut through the mountain to build the road. I guess lots of dynamite.

We pull into the WillowWind RV Park.

This place is really nice. Right after the office, there is a cement drainage ditch. It’s a pretty good dip. On the map, they call it the “Son of a Ditch”. Hubby said that is a perfect name for it.

WillowWind RV Park is very fancy. We have an escort to our site. His name is Doug. He gave us his card. We didn’t think we would need to use it but we did.

The sites are all concrete and of course, flat. Full hook-ups and plenty of shade trees.

I understand the thought process these nice RV resorts have for all of the gravel. Thinking it is for not having to cut grass so close to RVs. But poor BooBoo has to poop in stones.

Our Electricity started to go out and come back on. This is not good considering the temps outside are over 100º. We call the maintenance man, Doug, and he assures us that the electrical pedestal is fine. He thinks it is our EMS system. I hated to unhook the EMS and plug straight into the pedestal, but it was getting hot inside. It has to be the EMS system because after we hooked straight to the pedestal, we were fine. We will have to buy a new one. The reason for the EMS system is to protect our wiring inside of our coach. Our unit is under warranty but we can’t wait for them to send us a new one. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have a spare.

Soon the pups were relaxing. Travel days make them very tired. BooBoo makes himself very comfortable on my pillows. Travel days are hard on us humans too. That is why we try to keep our travel time under three hours. We are not in a hurry.

After a short rest, we decide to take a walk.

Once back to our site after our walk, Hubby adds more DEF to the Big Boy Truck.

Friday, August 13 update on the Progressive EMS Unit. I submitted the warranty documentation for our Progressive EMS online. It was immediately approved and a replacement will be sent to us in a few weeks. Since we will be traveling for another 5 weeks, we felt we needed to buy one. We went to Camping World and purchased a new one. I guess it won’t hurt to have a spare.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and stay tuned, we will be very busy this week. So much to see and do.


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