Sunday, August 1. Day 55 of our WW Adventure. Flag City RV Park

Sunday, August 1. Day 55 of our Wild West Adventure

We are leaving Red Bluff RV Park. Although they advertise Big Rig Friendly, we just fit in our site. The problem was us pulling our rig easily out of our site. With two big trees hampering our rolling out, we had to improvise. We moved the picnic table on the site next to us and we by-passed the trees by using the grass area between our site and the empty neighboring site. If you have a big rig and you stay at Red Bluff RV Park, do not reserve site # 47. Check-out time was noon. We left at 11 am. We only have a little over a two hour drive.

We follow this mountain range for half of the drive south on I5. I wondered what this mountain range would look like if the atmosphere was not full of smoke.

Traffic was down to a crawl in this construction zone. But it only delayed us around ten minutes. We were soon driving the speed limit.

We drive along side of Sacramento, California. There were four or five lanes of traffic. The lanes were very narrow. Even though these lanes were narrow, motorcycles zoomed by us riding in the small area between lanes. Motorcycles are allowed to do this in California.

We get to Flag City RV Park around 2pm. Again, we just fit in our site and cannot put our patio door down. Our site is concrete with a concrete patio. Concrete site pads are always level. It is very hot and very windy today. We have a shade tree on both sides of our site. It is too soon to give a review of this park.

I feel there are two types of RV campgrounds/resorts and two types of campers. There are campers and there are RVers. We are RVers. We like both types of campgrounds. We like the older campgrounds where you park on gravel and have plenty of older shade trees. These types of campgrounds have fire pits and people are all outside cooking. You smell campfires and food cooking on the grill all throughout the park. Then there are RV parks/resorts where you park on concrete slabs. These parks are very manicured and have clubhouses. We fit into both categories. We enjoy campground as well as RV parks/resorts. Flag City RV Park is a RV parking lot type park, very manicured. Not one blade of grass to be seen. Where will BooBoo poop.

This campground is the 20th campground we’ve stayed in since we started our Wild West Adventure. Happy 20versary to us. We never knew what to expect each time we pulled into a new campground, but we’ve been very lucky.

A few weeks ago, I went with a new Internet plan. I don’t use campground WIFI. We’ve only stayed at one campground where the signal was strong enough to do everything I want to do. My new Internet plan is called Nomad Internet. Because we travel all over the US, it was recommended to us to get their best plan, the red plan. This plan is on the Verizon network, it’s unlimited and un-throttled. When I ordered this plan, it was father’s day and they were having a special. I got the router with SIM card (loaned to me), the setup, activation, and shipping for $4. They have a referral program so if you are interested, let me know.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if you need Internet on the road, check out Nomad Internet.

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