Wild West Adventure, Day 54. Red Bluff RV Resort.

Saturday, July 31, 2021, Day 54 of our Wild West Adventure

Travel days always start with Breakfast for Hubby and Fur Kids on his lap. The Fur Kids seem to know it is a travel day.

Today’s drive time is close to three hours. We always add a half hour for traffic and a half hour for rest stops. We got an early start today. We were on the road a few minutes before 10 am. Don’t laugh. That’s early for us.

Back in the day when we rode motorcycles, it was the journey and not the destination that made the trip fun. Now, it is both. Today is a travel day and the scenery is interesting.

We see miles and miles of sagebrush.

Then we come to miles and miles of what seemed to be remnants of a wildfire. I wonder how many years it takes these areas to recover after a forest fire.

Even when traffic is down to a crawl due to construction, the views are breathtaking.

You can always tell how high a mountain is by the amount of snow on the mountain.

If you look closely at the first picture below, you will see a very long bridge. We go over that bridge. In the water under the bridge, there are speed boats and jetskis. The third picture shows many vehicles at the marina. Everyone out trying to cool off in these hot temps.

We arrive at Red Bluff RV Park at 2 pm.

There is a closed sign on the office door. We see an envelope on a board on the porch of the Reservation office with our name on it. We prepaid for the site so all we have to do is find out site.

Not only do we have a map in our reservation envelope, there is a big map board.

The lanes are very narrow and there are trees very close to the site. We needed to back-up twice to get into our spot. Once in, we don’t know if we have the room to pull straight out tomorrow.

The sites are gravel and mostly level. We have a concrete patio and picnic table. We unhook and just fit in out site. Not an inch to spare in the front of our Big Boy Truck or in the back of our 5th wheel.

This RV park is good for one night but I would not want to stay for any period of time. It appears that most of the RVs in the park are permanent tenants and over-nighters like us. The monthly rate starts at $475. This is one good reason there are permanent tenants. Their website shows they offer state-of-the-art WIFI. I have my own WIFi so I never use campgrounds WIFI, but I was curious to see if they had state-of-the-art WIF. I did a speed check and this is not even non-state-of-the-art WIFI.

It’s 100º today and the pool is empty. It appers to be a nice pool.

We take a drive to get Fuel in the Big Boy Truck and we see hundreds of these trees. If you know what kind of tree this is and what is growing on it, please let me know in the comments. We are in Red Bluff, California if that helps. We have no clue. Could they be olives?

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and enjoy the journey and the destination.


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