Wild West Adventure, Days 50 & 51, July 27 & 28. Klamath Falls KOA.

Tuesday, July 27, Day 50 of our Wild West Adventure.

I can’t believe we’ve been on the road for 50 days already and August is right around the corner. Tomorrow is a travel day, therefore, today will be busy. We do sneak in a walk with the fur kids.

We pass the gas station where we got fuel the other day and fuel increased by a dime. It is now $4.85 a gal. Outrageous.

We go back to the marina where we saw the Sea Lions.

It’s a little chilly by the water. No shorts today.

Normally on the day before a travel day, we have some work to do. We empty the black and gray tanks. I secure some of the stuff inside of the 5th wheel. Some of the things we use will wait until tomorrow morning. Hubby does normal maintenance on the Big Boy Truck, such as add more DEF.

I would like to be on the road by 10:30 am tomorrow morning. Tomorrow is a 3.5 hour drive time but will take much longer because we have to drive that same winding road leaving here as we had to drive coming here. Hubby already reminded me to just close my eyes. NO, I will not. On the drive here, the winding area was downhill. Tomorrow we will be going up hill in the worst part of the road. I feel Hubby will have much better control going uphill. Hubby will not agree because he said he had perfect control going down hill but I know I am right.

Wednesday, July 28, Day 51

We were on the road by 10:30 am. It seemed to take forever to get through that winding narrow section of 199 north, but as mentioned above, we were going uphill and that made a difference. At one time on the very winding, very narrow part of the road, a huge 18 wheeler came barreling toward us. Hubby said “oh shit” and we slowed down to almost a stop. The camper behind us stopped completely. Whew, made through that horrible experience. The 18 wheeler didn’t slow down at all. The speed limit on that road is 55 miles per hour. We would not drive that fast without the 5th wheel in tow. Crazy.

We love that on travel days, if we need to use our bathroom, we have it with us. Hubby needed to stop. We found an awesome place across the road from this huge lake. I don’t know the name of the lake. GPS units should show the names of the lakes. There is a huge, paved pull off and we take full advantage of it.

There is a mountain in the background of the lake, but it is hard to see due to the smoke from the wildfires in this area. The Bootleg Fire, named after the nearby Bootleg Spring, is a large wildfire that started near Beatty, Oregon on July 6, 2021. As of 27 July 2021, it has burned 413,400 acres and is 53% contained. It is the third-largest fire in the history of Oregon since 1900. The map below shows how close our location (Klamath Falls) is in proximity to the fire.

The water on this lake was so calm it looked like a mirror.

We try to be good dog parents, so when we stop, we like to let our fur kids stretch their little legs.

We pull into the Klamath Falls, KOA and BooBoo said: “I got this mom!”.

We were escorted to our site. As much as I believe BooBoo is smart enough to drive, Hubby took over the steering wheel and followed the escort to our site. BooBoo was a little disappointed.

Our site is a level, gravel site with full-hookups. We have plenty of room to park the Big Boy Truck in a space next to our site. This works great for us. There is an empty site between us and the end site in our row. I don’t know if they normally put anyone in that site because it could double as a road leading to the back row of RVs. I don’t think you can go bad with views of mountains anywhere in Oregon. We have a mountain range behind us. This kOA is right off the interstate and we do hear jet planes. No campfires and No charcoal grills which is fine with me.

Knock on wood. So far this trip, I’ve been so lucky in reserving campgrounds. Most have been KOA and Good Sams.

The next three pictures were taken from the window next to my bed. The trees next to that camper are very pretty trees but they don’t have leaves. I’m wondering if they are alive or not. The trunks of the trees are white and it appears to be moss hanging from the trees. I would think if the trees were not alive, the park would remove them. I’m thinking they are alive, but it is strange they don’t have leaves.

The camp store is a close walk from our site. When I checked in, I quickly scanned the store. I’ll have to go back for a better look. Just from my quick scan of the store, it looked like they had some interesting things to buy.

It will be August in a few days. I thought once I retired the days would go slower. They fly by. I wake up early and go to sleep late so I can get as much out of a day as I can.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if anyone knows what kind of trees those are, leave a comment.

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One thought on “Wild West Adventure, Days 50 & 51, July 27 & 28. Klamath Falls KOA.

  1. Valerie Miller

    The white trees look like our birch trees and they are to have leaves on them so they are probably dead. They are one of the first to loose their leaves but it is still to early yet for that to happen.

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