Day 47, July 24. Redwood National and State Parks and the Pacific Ocean

Big Trees and the Ocean all in one day. Our campground is five minutes away from entering the Redwood National and State Parks system. We drive through a very wooded, winding road area on our way to Crescent City.

Another funny story. We looked and looked for the entrance of the Redwood National Forest. You know, the road leading into the National Park where you have to show your “America the Beautiful” pass. The GPS took us to the Northern Entrance and the shack where you have to show your pass to an attendant was all boarded up. Weeds were grown around the whole area. No one has been here in years it appears to us. Do we drive on or turn around. We turned around. We were a little befuddled. Why, do we have such a hard time finding tourist attractions.

There are many places to pull off and take pictures of these enormous trees. Again, the camera will never capture the enormity of these trees. They are so tall I can’t even get the full tree in the picture.

We pulled the Big Boy Truck over several times to get out and snap photos of the Giant Redwoods.

I read that since 1921 more than 1,000 redwood groves have been established in California’s beautiful redwood parks. Hatton Trail is a 3.3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Crescent City, California that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, running, and nature trips and is accessible year-round.

We will enjoy it from the pull out area.

Highway 199 leads right into Highway 101 and within 15 minutes, we are at the Ocean. This picture was taken a little further down highway 101. It was chilly by the water. The views were beautiful to say the least.

Again, I am one happy camper and so blessed to be living this life on the highway.

Highway 101 is closed for several day hours during the week. We were glad it was Saturday so we could drive some of this beautiful scenic highway.

There was a landslide that was causing the closure and work to be done. Today, we only had to wait for a few minutes before we were able to pass through this area as it was down to one lane.

There are just some things we cannot do. This place was so crowded and parking was limited and we did not know if it was dog friendly or not. This attraction is located on highway 101 on the other side of the construction area. We pulled into the parking lot and pulled back out as there was not one single space open. This is where we turn around and head back to Crescent City. I believe it was so busy because it was a weekend. And the fact that highway 101 had closures during the week made it hard for people from the north of the closures to get to this attraction.

There was a statue of Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox I was able to snap a picture of while driving through the parking lot.

We needed to stop at the Hiouchi visitor center which is 5 minutes from our campground. We should have stopped there first, since we could not find the entrances to the Redwood National Park. This time, there was a valid reason for not being able to find an entrance because I was told we were in the Park and there is not an entrance where you have to show a pass or pay a fee. The whole area from where we snapped pictures on highway 199 all the way down to where we turned around, we were in the Redwood National and State park. Who knew?

We had no clue what type of trees the redwood trees were. Some are Evergreen Trees that include Douglas-fir and Western Hemlock. Tanoak and Big Leaf Maple are in the forest as well.

Back in Crescent City, we find and snap pictures of the Battery Point Lighthouse. As you can see by the road under water, we cannot drive to the lighthouse. Our views and pictures will need to be taken from afar.

We snap several pictures from the marina.

After a long day exploring, it is time to go back to our home on wheels. We find that Covid did a job on this area. There are so many boarded up restaurants in Crescent City we believe did not make it through the Covid lockdown. One restaurant I was going to see if we could get a to-go order from, had a large sign at the hostess station asking people to be patient because they didn’t have a full staff. The sign asked for people to not be nasty to the staff that were there. That is sad that a sign had to ask people to be nice and respectful. I didn’t wait because it appeared the wait for a to-go order could be longer than I wanted to wait. Hubby and the fur kids were waiting in the Big Boy Truck in the parking lot. We went back to camp and fired up the charcoal grill.

God Bless, Stay Safe, BE KIND TO EVERY KIND, and enjoy the beauty around you. Before you get angry at a situation, even if you do not know the situation, understand that there could be a situation. We don’t need a sign to tell us to be kind. I want to take this time to thank all of my readers for taking time out to read my blog posts.


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