Travel Day, Heading to Redwood Meadows RV Resort

Friday, July 23, Day 46 of our Wild West Adventure.

My RVTripWizard alerted me of a tunnel on the road from Grants Pass to Crescent City. The Collie Tunnel is under Oregon Mountain on US 199 and is 15.1 feet high so we were good to go. I hate tunnels. Hubby told me several times to just close my eyes but I can’t.

Not long after we go through the tunnel, we make it to California.

The road leading to our campground became very winding with big trees and boulders on the passenger side. The lanes were narrow and again, Hubby told me to close my eyes. Again, I could not. He was fine driving the Big Boy Truck pulling our 43.5 ft 5th wheel. I was a nervous wreck. When we leave this park, we have to go back the same way we came. Oh dear!

There were areas on this road that if I opened the truck window, I could touch the boulders.

We arrived at the Campground at 12:45 pm and we were 15 minutes early. Check-in time was 1 pm. The reservation staff were out to lunch so several of us early birds gathered in front of the building waiting for 1 pm. We all chatted about our travels so the 15 minute wait went fast. Campers are nice, friendly people. The ones I encounter are.

BooBoo waits patiently watching my every move. I’ll be back in the Big Boy Truck soon BooBoo.

I captured a picture of the flowers in front of the reservation office.

Beautiful flowers are all over this park.

Our site at Redwood Meadows is a pull-thru, but not the regular pull-thru. We were in a line of RVs. Everyone in our line has the road on one side and a patio with a picnic table and a grass area on the other side. This site was not as level as we would like. Our auto level system stopped leveling because the front of the 5th wheel was too close to the ground. We have the leveling jacks on wood blocks. We needed to remove the wood blocks under the front jacks. To do this, we needed to hitch back up to the truck. Our second attempt was a success.

The site is wide so we have plenty of room for our Big Boy Truck. We do have to park at an angle.

The park offers cable TV and WIFI. The WIFI is ok. Verizon is horrible here. Hubby has T-mobile and I get a good signal with T-mobile. My Verizon has been horrible back in Oregon and now here in California.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if you travel this road, close your eyes. I could not.


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