Brain Overload. Day 45. More Grants Pass KOA info.

I’m finding my brain is overloaded with all of the different places we visited, all of the campgrounds we stayed in and all of the things I need to do while on the road. I received an email from a campground we recently stayed in asking me to review their campground. Was it the campground with the gate where we needed a gate code. Was it the campground where we had to park the Big Boy Truck next to the 5th wheel. Was it the campground where the staff was exceptionally friendly. Thank God I have my blog to jog my memory.

Yesterday, Hubby asked what parks did we visit when we were in Northern Washington. My mind went blank for a minute. I am so grateful that I am blogging this trip. I am also grateful for the days when we stay at the campground and just relax.

Yesterday, we walked the campground here at Grants Pass KOA. There are two sections to the campground. The section we are in I believe is mostly for Big Rigs like ours. There is another section down a dirt road. That is where the Jumpoff Joe Creek is located along with a waterfalls and swimming hole.

It’s a short distance from our campsite. By the time we got to that area, Hubby was not going any further. He waited at a picnic table under a shade tree. To come to his defense, it was 85º. I, however, trudged on and walked down the not so stable path of dirt and railroad tie steps. I wanted a closer look.

It was a rather long way down. What goes down, must come back up. Going down was easier. I had to take a 5 second rest on the way up. I was slightly out of breath. But I persevered and made it back up to the top.

I could only go so far down. The path ended at a rocky ledge with about a 15 foot drop to the water. This is not water I want to swim in. I’m going to pass.

I did not see the waterfalls. There is such a drought here that the creek is pretty much dried up. Not enough water flowing to have much of a waterfalls. There were two different paths to follow to get to the swimming hole and waterfalls. Maybe if I took the other path, the waterfalls would have been there.

Only guests of the KOA can access the swimming hole from the campground. From what I gather, people from surrounding areas or people passing through try to park here and access the swimming hole from the KOA. I totally agree with the KOA not wanting everyone and anyone using the park for that purpose. I like the quietness here.

We bought jam on the honor system. We bought a $5 jar homemade Strawberry jam. We might go back for more today because Hubby thought it was pretty tasty on his toast this morning.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and when you have brain overload, you can always write a blog as a backup.


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