Stuff Happens. All Fixed. Yes, I lost sleep over this one.

Back in the day when I worked, I never looked at something that might have been problematic after 5 pm. What was the use. I would not be able to fix it until the next morning so why lose sleep over it. Why didn’t I wait until morning to look at what seemed to be a problem with our next reservation.

It all started with a post on Facebook. If I didn’t see this FaceBook post, we would have been in deep sh$t on Friday.

I needed to look at our reservation to see where we will be in conjunction to this roadwork. I look at the reservation email and see we are south of the of the closure. That cannot be right. The address for Shoreline is Crescent CIty, not Eureka. Why does RVTripWizard show the address as Crescent City. Eureka is around two hours south of Crescent CIty and on the other side of the roadwork. Panic is setting in. This is not good.

I do some research on Eureka, California. It will take us an additional two hours to get to Eureka and over six hours to get to our next campground when we leave Shoreline. And that is if we make it through the construction area on 101 during the three hours they are open during the day. This can’t be right.

I know Shoreline has a sister park that had no availability back when I was booking Shoreline. I needed to check again. What luck. They have an opening. By this time, it is 9:30 pm. I book Redwood Meadows RV Resort online for the same days as I have Shoreline. Now I am panicking because the online system for Redwood was confusing. The online system said the site was occupied. Was that because I was booking it. It was still in my shopping cart when I saw occupied. Hopefully it was because I was in the process of booking it

I got a Thank You for Your Reservation and an email confirmation. it looked like it went through but I read a review for Redwood Meadows where someone got to the RV park and their site was not available. That person was told the online reservation system at times will make that mistake. What if they make that mistake for me? I need to talk to a human.

It is now around 10 pm and I can’t do anything. It was Tuesday evening and our reservations were for Friday. Also, Shoreline had a three day cancelation period. If you don’t cancel within three days, you get charged the full amount for the first day. If they are related campgrounds, it should not be a problem. I try to call Shoreline to leave them a message and their mailbox is full and I get disconnected.

How will I ever sleep tonight. Well, at 2 am, I am up reading posts on FaceBook and watching Tick Tock videos. You all probably know very well that when something is keeping you awake, you relive the whole situation in your mind over and over and over again. I was reliving what I would say to the reservation people when I called in the morning. I finally fall back to sleep and wake up at 7:30 am, Oregon time. I will try to call the campgrounds at 9 am. This next hour and a half would take forever.

At 9:10 am, I call Redwood Meadows. I get voicemail saying to leave a message. This is ok. When I can leave a message, I can get the whole story out to them. I’m fine with this as I leave a detailed message telling them how I thought I was staying at Shoreline in Crescent City and how I find out it is really in Eureka and how I freaked out not wanting to be that far south and how I found out about the road construction. I tell them I booked at Redwood Meadows and now I am double booked. I asked they please return my call as soon as they can.

Oh, I forgot to tell you that when I booked Redwood Meadows online, it booked at three adults and two pets. And it booked under our old street address.

Around 45 minutes later, I get a return call. A very nice young lady understands and fixes everything. Because the two campgrounds are related, she can fix and confirm my current reservation for Redwood Meadows and cancel my reservation at Shoreline. What a relief.

The reason I was so freaked out is reservations are very hard to get with this short notice. If I could not get this fixed, we would be looking for somewhere to stay for five nights. Heck, we might have been having to sleep in a Walmart parking lot for five nights. I’m assuming someone canceled at Redwood because of the road closures on Highway 101 just as I canceled the reservation at Shoreline.

Shoreline in Eureka was right on the coast and Redwood Meadows is not, which is a little disappointing, but it all worked out ok.

The mix up was, there are two campgrounds named Shoreline. They are not related to each other. One in Crescent City and one in Eureka. I learn from my mistakes. This won’t happen again. I will not ever again assume. I am grateful for the person that posted the Road Closure notice, I am grateful to the nice young lady that fixed everything at Redwood Meadows, and I am grateful for God, because I know he had a hand in my getting this fixed.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and wait until morning to look at something that might be problematic unless you want to be up all night.

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