Crater Lake, Day 43. July 19, 2021 (part1)

Crater Lake is a National Park and our America the Beautiful Park pass got us in for free again. This time, we saved $30. Crater Lake is also dog friendly in most places.

This is going to be a two parter. I have so many pictures and so much to say about Crater Lake.

First let me tell you I was totally blown away by the beauty of this lake. It took my breath away. Pictures will NEVER do it justice.

These pictures below were not altered or filtered in any way. Some of the pictures were taken using my Iphone. Some with Hubby’s Nikon, DSLR camera.

It was a two hour drive from our campground in Grants Pass to Crater Lake. The road was mostly two lanes and winding. The scenery was beautiful on the trip there and the trip back to the campground.

The water is so blue. I can’t explain or describe it.

I’ve always seen pictures of Crater Lake and it’s been my dream to go there for years. Now I have my own pictures of Crater Lake but the memories of being at Crater Lake will stay with me forever. I posted this picture on FaceBook and one of my friends said she thought she was there years ago. Seeing Crater Lake in person will be forever etched in my mind. Different strokes for different folks.

The picture below was taken from my Iphone in Pano mode.

This pictures of the lake look like a painting. It was taken with my Iphone. Yes, the water is that blue.

Hubby likes to capture different things when he takes pictures. This picture highlights the snow that is still on the shore of the lake.

I capture Hubby taking pictures.

The poles in the picture below are throughout the rim of the lake. Apparently the snow gets plenty high in the winter. I could be wrong, but I believe these poles have something to do with winter snowfall. Maybe so snow plows know where to stop plowing. If anyone knows for sure, please leave a comment.

Some facts about this lake from Google.

Crater Lake is by far the deepest lake in the United States. It has an average depth of 1,148 feet (350 meters) and a maximum depth of 1,943 feet (592 meters).

Crater Lake in Oregon is the 7th deepest lake in the world based on maximum depth and the 3rd-deepest based on average depth.

Crater Lake isn’t the biggest lake in the United States by a long stretch. In fact, it’s not even listed in the top 100 lakes in the country by surface area, which makes it all the more fascinating that it’s so much deeper than all the others.

The lake measures about 5 by 6 miles (8.0 by 9.7 kilometers) across and has a total surface area of 20.6 square miles (53 square kilometers). The length of its shore is just 21.8 miles (35.1 kilometers), meaning you could potentially walk around the entire lake in just 1 day.

One of the most remarkable facts about Crater Lake is that it was formed because of a massive volcano eruption of Mount Mazama and its subsequent collapse between 6,000 and 8,000 years ago. A huge caldera was formed which filled with water.

Is fishing allowed at Crater Lake? Most certainly and it’s even encouraged!

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if you go to Crater Lake, enjoy the view.

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