Grants Pass KOA, Wild West Adventure (Day 42)

Friday and Saturday, days 40 and 41 were non-eventful. The fire was cleared on highway 138, the highway of waterfalls. We had plans of going back on Saturday. Saturday morning, Hubby woke up with stomach pains. I reminded Hubby that he was eating and drinking too much dairy again. Hubby spent most of the day in bed. He does not remember having this issue whenever he has too much dairy. He is done, done, done with dairy. By evening, he was feeling better which was good. Sunday was a travel day. I can’t have my driver being sick.

Sunday, July 18, day 42. We leave Roseburg at 11 am. We did not want an early start because we only had an hour drive to our next campground and check in at the Grants Pass KOA was 3 pm. I called and the super nice people at the Grant Pass KOA were kind enough to allow us an early check-in. Another reason I like KOA campgrounds.

Check-in was quick and easy. We had an escort to our site. We like escorts.

The Jumpoff Joe Creek General Store was filled with anything you might need. In case you wonder where they got the name Jumpoff Joe Creek, there is a creek that flows by the campground called Jumpoff Joe Creek and it is also the name of the road the campground is on.

I could not pass up this frozen cocktail in the freezer section of the store. Before you start to think I have an alcohol problem, this cocktail only has 5% alcohol contents. But it was so delicious. I’m going back for more.

Our site is gravel and level with full hook-ups. We are surrounded by trees and our space is large. We do not have other campers on top of us. We are, however, right next to the bath house. No cable is offered here but there are 5 antenna stations. I’m not sure if I will even bother with our Dish Network. There are too many trees. From what I can tell, we are in the area for big rigs. We see a road leading to another area which I believe is on the Jumpoff Joe Creek. We will be walking down there to check it out. We see smaller RVs being escorted down there.

We spend the rest of the day relaxing. The weather is absolutely beautiful. I hope I don’t jynx myself by saying this but I think we only had rain once since we started our Wild West Adventure. And that was back right when we left our homebase. Go Figure!

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if your stomach can’t handle dairy, don’t consume it.

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