Wild West Adventure, Day 36, 37, 38 & 39. Not too Wild!

Monday July 12, Day 36. We went to Lowes to buy a cheap tabletop charcoal grill. $20 bucks. We needed more DEF so Hubby went to Autozone. UGH, we are always buying DEF. That was the extent of our big outing. We did take a little ride in the country because we made a wrong turn. We were in the wrong lane when the GPS said to turn left at the light. We were in the far right lane with three lanes going to the right. We had to turn right. The road took us to the country. We thought maybe another road would get us back on track, but the GPS kept saying to “make a U-turn”.

Tuesday July 13, Day 37. Road trip! We are heading to find the “highway of waterfalls”. On the way to finding the “highway of waterfalls”, we passed a Bakery. Hubby made a quick u-turn and entered the parking lot for the Bakery. Hubby asked if I wanted to go in. I said no. I should have said yes because Hubby came out with a box of donuts. A big box. He said the clerk talked him into a dozen. She must have not been able to count because when I opened the box, I counted at least 18 very large donuts.

We knew the road we needed to take was 138. We were not sure if we needed to go east or west. The GPS didn’t recognize several names of the waterfalls we wanted to see. The GPS didn’t recognize the “highway of waterfalls”. As luck would have it, when there are two options, I always take the wrong one. I said go West. We needed to go east on 138. What was supposed to be a scenic road full of waterfalls, turned out to be a very long scenic road to the coast. No waterfalls.

We knew we were getting closer to the coast. The temperatures dropped from in the 90s to the low 70s. After we got to Highway 101 and drove for a while longer and we had no clue how much longer we needed to drive to get to the coast. It was getting late. We decided we would see the coast another day.

On the way back to our campground, we pass an Elk viewing area. No Elks to be seen. People were starting to gather for when the Elks would appear. A few miles down the road, I saw a bunch of animals in a field. I alerted Hubby. Hubby said, “that’s a heard of ELK”. My camera was turned off, there was not anywhere to pull over. I missed the photo opportunity. We didn’t turn around. We’ve seen Elk before.

The fur kids are such good riders. They love when we open the windows. They are tethered in and they have just enough leash to allow them to look out. Note: we only open the windows for our fur kids to look out when we are stopped or going under five miles per hour through the campground.

Wednesday July 14, Day 38. We stayed at the campground all day. It was a day to relax. I washed a load of clothes. I broke-in the new cheap $20 table top charcoal grill and made Hubby a good supper.

Thursday July 15, Day 39. We have a care package coming from my family in Pennsylvania. Since we are only at each campground for a short period of time, we need it sent overnight by UPS. This package included a few items we needed. The cost for overnight delivery for this package was $95. We gotta do what we gotta do. We didn’t want to leave the campground until the package was delivered. The package was delivered around noon. The office called to let me know my package was there. I do not know her name, but the lady that works in the office is the nicest, most friendly campground worker I ever had the pleasure of dealing with at any campground. Kudos to this campground for having such a fantastic employee. Maybe she is an owner. The only thing I am sure of is she has a wonderful personality.

Since the package came so early in the day, we now had time to go on an adventure. We are going to find the “highway of waterfalls”. You might wonder why we have a hard time finding different attractions. You would think I was not prepared. I do my research. For the highway of waterfalls, I printed out three different PDF documents detailing where each waterfalls is located along with information about each waterfalls. Tuesday, we went west on Route 138. Today, we will go east on Route 138. We will find the waterfalls.

The first waterfalls we will see is called “Deadline Falls”.

Route 138 is known as the “highway of waterfalls,” the Rogue-Umpqua Scenic Byway.

The PDF documents I printed highlighted each waterfall and the milepost they were located at. We knew we were on the right road because the milepost started at mile marker #1. Our first waterfall would be at milepost 22.

The waterfalls gods are against us. A huge lighted sign appeared. What??? The road will be closed from Milepost #38 to #55. Oregon is on fire. The forest fire is crossing the road from milepost #38 to #55. This is not good. This fire is only 40 minutes from our campground.

The first waterfalls is located at the Swiftwater Day Use Area at milepost #22.1.

It’s not much of a waterfall. The area is pretty and worth capturing pictures of.

Apparently there was a fire in this area years ago. It is said some of the fires start from arson. Some from campers not being careful with campfires and some from lightning. I didn’t know this but the fire that is stopping our adventure is so hot that it formed a cloud and in that cloud was lightning. Also, the planes and helicopters that are used to fight the fires in Oregon can’t get fuel. There is a fuel shortage. Very sad!

We start to head towards the next waterfalls at Milepost 28. The road is closed at Milepost 38. We pass a campground that is used for workers that are helping with the fire. We can smell the smoke from the fire that is crossing highway 138 at milepost 38. We decide to turn around. We don’t need to get that close to the forest fire. We also do not want to get in the way of the workers that are fighting the fire.

We head back to our campground. We stop at Dollar General. Hubby is hungry for a sub sandwich. There is a Subway a few minutes from our campground. I get Hubby is usual sandwich. I get my usual veggie salad.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and enjoy the few pictures “below” from Hubby’s camera when we were on our day adventure to Rainier National Park last week.

Hubby has a very nice DSLR camera that takes very nice pictures. He does not often use it. I will have to make sure he uses his camera more often. His camera takes awesome pictures.

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