Day 34 & 35 of our Wild West Adventure & Rising River RV Park

Day 34, Saturday, July 10. This would be a “get things done” day. Many RV parks do not allow you to wash your vehicles and RVs. We read the rules and it did not mention washing vehicles. I double checked and asked at the office and was told we could. Our 5th wheel was so dirty that Hubby decided today needed to be a work day and he washed the RV.

I helped. I got my Norwex cloths and the step stool and washed the windows I could reach. The Big Boy Truck got its bath the other day and now the 5th wheel is clean.

We had some running around to do. I did some shopping and we filled the Big Boy Truck with fuel. $3.64 a gallon. This is highway robbery. This is the highest we paid so far. What will it be like when we get into California. Fuel, food, and campground fees are expensive.

Tomorrow, Sunday is a travel day. We are heading to Roseburg, Oregon. Tomorrow’s drive time will be close to four hours. Add a few hours for fuel stops and rest stops for Hubby and the fur kids. This next campground will be a seven night stay. I promised Hubby we could have some relaxing days when we get there. It’s always exciting to see what the next campground is like. This one is on a river.

Day 34, Sunday, July 11. This would be a travel day. RVTripWizard shows the drive as being close to four hours. We pull out of Toutle River RV Resort and head south on 5. We take a route that allows us to avoid going through the heart of Portland. Traffic is heavy around Portland and we get an alert on our GPS about an accident that is blocking the right hand lane on a bridge on our route. Even though there are four lanes going each way, traffic slows down to a crawl. We were lucky that we were only delayed 15 minutes. By the time we got to the bridge, it appeared the accident had been cleared away. We stopped at two different rest stops on the way and pulled into our destination campground at 3:30 pm. Not bad. We got an escort to our site at Rising River RV Park and soon we were unhitched and hooked up. We have a level, gravel site. We have room to park the Big Boy Truck along side of our 5th wheel.

Each site has a fence on both sides of your lot. I like that. We have full hook-ups and a picnic table. This park offers cable TV, but we can only get it on one TV. It is some special type of Cable where they loan us a remote control and we have to use their remote control. Our TV has to be on channel 3. We get many channels using our Antenna so it is not a problem. WIFI is okay here.

The temperature when we pulled in to the campground was 95º. Humidity was a low 16%. The next few days will be in the 90s, then it drops to the 80s.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and take some time to relax and stay cool when the temps are in the 90s.

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