Day 30 & 31 of our Wild West Adventure. We are in Castle Rock, Washington.

Day 30, July 6, Tuesday. We pull into our campground at Toutle River RV Resort around 3 pm. You know it’s going to be a nice place to stay when the road leading in is all paved and lined with trees.

We stop at the registration booth where our packet is in a box with our name on it. It has our information along with the campground map directing us to our site. I’m curious to know if anyone that travels and stays at a lot of different campgrounds, are you campground directionally challenged? We love it when we pull into a new campground and get an escort to our site. When we have to depend on the campground map, we find ourselves missing our site, or taking the wrong lanes or having to turn around in tight spots. I now find it best for me to get out of the big Boy Truck and walk to find out site, then direct Hubby to the right place.

The sites are spacious here. We have a pull-thru that is plenty long. We can even pull down our back deck if we want to. We have full hook-ups. We do have a very pretty pine tree that is so close, it touches our living area window. Hubby complained that when he exits through the garage door, he has to walk around the tree and that makes extra steps when he needs to go to the truck. I told him to deal with it.

There is a pavilion next to us. We don’t need it. I wonder if someone uses it if they need to reserve it and/or pay for the use of it. If someone has a cookout there, I’m inviting myself. lol

We unhitch, hook up and before we settle in, we have a dirty job to do. Well, Hubby has a dirty job. I will supervise. We have a poop pyramid. For my non-camping family and friends, a poop pyramid is when your poop clogs your black tank outlet. It’s our fault. When we stayed at the two campgrounds for one night each, we didn’t hook up to sewer. Then when we stayed at the Burlington KOA for 6 nights and we didn’t dump when we got there. We waited until the morning we were leaving to pull the lever on the black tank. We pulled the lever and guess what happened. Absolutely nothing.

Hubby got out his handy little unclogger. This did the job. Hubby, from inside the bathroom, put the unclogger into the toilet and down into the black tank. Within a few minutes of running this unclogger, poop was flowing like a river into the sewer. Our black tank was good to go. With that dirty job out of the way, we decided we would just relax the rest of the evening. By the way, my job as supervisor was to watch the sewer hose to make sure the poop started flowing. It was an ugly job, but it was a supervisor job so I had to do it. Camping is not all fun and games

After we settled in and did the dirty job,I took a walk to the campground store. I bought a bottle of wine. I’m not a connoisseur of wine. It was a reisling wine and I knew from past experience that riesling wines were a little more expensive. It rang up as $9.99. I think I paid more than that for Boones Farm when I was underage. Or maybe not. I have not opened it yet. Maybe I will be surprised.

The time change is still driving me crazy. I woke up at 4:30 am. My family back home were up and messaging each other on our group message forum. I message everyone for a while then I let them know i was going to try to go back to sleep. The time change does not bother BooBoo. He is sound asleep.

A train track runs along this campground. Many trains run on this track day and night. First you hear the engine. Then you hear the train blasting it’s horn, then the ground rumbles shaking the 5th wheel as if you put a quarter in the bed at a cheap motel. Reminded me of the AC/DC song, you shook me all night long. I changed the words a little. The RV was shaking, the earth was quaking.

Day 31, Wednesday, July 7. Today we check out the area, but Hubby washes the truck first.

We find this pretty painted pinecone at our site.

After Hubby washes the Big Boy Truck, we take a short trip to Walmart. The shelves in this Walmart were rather bare. Hubby is almost out of his Diet Mountain Dew. Walmart had regular Mountain Dew, but not diet. We decide to stop at Target. No diet there either. Maybe Roy needs to change his flavor of pop. I tell him he should drink more water. Well, that goes in one ear and out the other.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and drink less pop and more water.

One thought on “Day 30 & 31 of our Wild West Adventure. We are in Castle Rock, Washington.

  1. I always love when I’m able to read one of your posts! This was awesome! And I know well about the “poop part”! LOL Boo Boo is so precious. The wine, scenery, and the AC/DC write-up made it fun too! God bless you both and stay safe on your journeys!

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