Day 27, 28, & 29 of our Wild West Adventure

Day 27, Saturday, June 3. We went on a journey to find Deception Pass. I was a little disappointed. The bridge was under construction and it was smaller than what I saw in pictures. I actually thought I was on the wrong bridge so I entered it in my GPS and sure enough, we were on the bridge. We were in the right place.

There were signs saying the parking areas were closed because they were full. There was not much traffic so we drive across the bridge. From the truck, I snap a few pictures. I think we would have enjoyed the view if we would have been able to park and get out and walk around. We did not go into Deception State Park because of the traffic at the park. I also did not do enough research to see how dog friendly it was. I’m thinking it was not a good idea to be out and about because it was a holiday weekend and very crowded everywhere we went.

There is construction on the bridge.

We have no clue where we are going so we just drive around. Everywhere we go we find water. Hubby turns down a few roads and we have to turn around because they are dead ends to nowhere. We finally find a dead end road right on the water that has a parking area. I get out and take some pictures.

We lucked out with the traffic. On our way back we need to cross Deception Pass bridge again. Traffic coming towards us is backed up for what seems to be miles. Car after car creeping along to go over the Deception Pass Bridge.

We decide to drive into Anacortes. We find Cape Sante Marina with very large yachts docked there. There were a few smaller boats docked. I laughed thinking we could not even afford that small boat docked at the edge of the dock.

A life-size bronze sculpture of a woman standing watch awaiting the return of her husband from the sea graces Cape Sante Marina in Anacortes (pop. 15,778). Created by sculptor Deborah Copenhaver, the Lady of the Sea statue stands next to a monument that pays tribute to local fishermen and women who lost their lives at sea. Of all the marinas in town, the Cape Sante Marina is the most beautiful. Here the Lady of the Sea stands watch awaiting the return of her husband from the sea. Next to the statue is a monument that pays tribute to local fishermen and women who lost their lives at sea. We were told that the 14 names listed for 1983 were due to two fishing boats (the Altair and the Americus) sinking in the Bering Strait. It was a bona fide tragedy for the town and nearly wiped out a generation of young men. There is an additional memorial to these 14 men near the W.T. Preston.

On our way back to our campground we pass the Farmhouse restaurant. I tell Hubby to pull in. I went in and ordered us each a meal to go. The best part of the meal was the dessert. Strawberry Shortcake.

Day 28, Sunday, July 4. Happy Independence day everyone. We decided to stay at the campground all day to avoid the crowds. The campground was full. Very loud, but in a distance, fireworks lasted for hours. I believe they finally ended around midnight, then around 2 am, some idiot decided to blast off around 10 very loud rounds.

The fur kids were not as scared as they usually are. Bella wanted to be with me. BooBoo was never really affected by fireworks. Benji hid under the covers in bed with Hubby. Other than the fireworks, which by the way, we could hear but not see, the day was uneventful.

Day 29, Monday, July 5. This is our last day in the campground and this area. We decide to take a short ride. We wanted to go to Cascade Mountain. We changed our minds when I read that Cascade River Road is closed to vehicle traffic at MP 18. Foot traffic is allowed beyond the vehicle closure but we knew that was not going to happen. It was an hour drive from our campground and we didn’t want to chance not being able to drive to the top. We also got a late start that day. That was the real reason we decided against the drive to Cascade Mountain. We would not get there until after 3 pm.

Day 30. Tuesday, July 6. This is a travel day. Heading South to Castle Rock. A three hour drive for us. Our route took us right next to the heart of Seattle. Heavy traffic pulling our 43.5 long 5th wheel made me a little nervous. Hubby was a trooper. Didn’t bother him at all.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and Happy Independence Day.

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