Day 26 of our Wild West Adventure

Friday. July 2nd. Sunday is the 4th of July. There are still empty sites in this park. I reserved our site months ago thinking it would be hard to find a place to stay on the 4th of July, especially with the holiday falling on a weekend. At 9 am and an RV pulled in. I imagine all of the empty sites will start to fill up by the end of the day.

There are signs everywhere in this park saying “No Fireworks”. That is a relief for us because our Fur Kids do not like loud bangs.

Friday would be a day spent getting things done. No sightseeing today. Hubby needed some medications refilled. CVS is our pharmacy. We have our prescription on file at the CVS near our homebase. When we need refills, I call the pharmacy near our traveling location and have them transfer the prescription to their store. I get a text message when it is ready for pick-up. It just so happened there was a CVS pharmacy in a Target Department store a half hour away. We were not in a hurry to get going today. I washed a few loads of clothes. Hubby did some work outside. Around 1 pm, we got ready to go. We packed up the fur kids and out the door we went.

Our first stop was Camping World. We needed some items from their store. Because we had the fur kids with us, Hubby went into the store first and picked out the few items he needed. Grease and some other fluid thingy for the 5th wheel maintenance. I needed a new dish strainer and a collapsible dish washing tub. When Hubby came out, I went in. We do not leave our fur kids in the truck alone when we go into a store.

We did not want to drive the interstate. By Interstate, the drive was estimated on Waze to be 35 minutes. Driving the backroads through towns, the drive took a little over an hour. We didn’t mind, we were not in a hurry. We got to CVS inside of the Target store and I went in while Hubby stayed in the truck with our Fur Kids. Our prescriptions were ready and I did a little shopping. Did you know Target charges $0.08 for bags?

We drove past this place in Mount Vernon. For the life of me, I cannot in my wildest imagination think of what can possibly be in this location. My curiosity got the best of me. I googled it. We won’t be dropping in. lol

No guessing here. We had to stop. Hubby went in and came out with cherries, water melon, corn on the cob, and tomatoes. This is more up my alley. We are showing our age by passing up Lovers and stopping to get fruit. No, we didn’t find any prunes.

It was close to 6 pm when we got back to the KOA. The reservation office must have been very busy today because the park was full of RVs when we returned. This is why I made sure we had reservations for this busy holiday weekend.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be kind to Every Kind and remember to eat your fruits and vegetables. Stop at the Country Farms Produce Market and stock up.

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