Chuckanut Drive & a Big Boy Truck Scare. Day 25 of our Wild West Adventure.

Thursday, July 1, Day 25. Road Trip with Fur Kids.

As we are driving, we pass a bakery. Hubby makes a quick U-turn.

Hubby asked if I wanted to go in. Nope, I told Hubby to go in. He is the one that cannot pass up a bakery. He buys a few cookies. Oatmeal Raisin and Chocolate Chip.

It’s a beautiful day. Weather is perfect. Temps in the lower 70s and overcast. After being in temps over 100º, this day’s temperature was perfect. A very scenic drive on Chuckanut Drive proves to be beautiful but scary. The road is very narrow and winding. The Big Boy Truck is a dually and wider than most vehicles. There are several places on the Chuckanut road to pull over to take pictures. We take a selfie. Hubby says all of our selfies look the same. Hubby and I might look the same, but the scenery behind us is always different.

There are very expensive homes along this road. Can you imagine living on this road and being able to look out your window and see this view every day. Wonder what it is like in the winter. If I win the lottery. It would be my summer home.

We pull over at several different places that allow vehicles to pull over to enjoy the beauty and/or take photos of the landscape.

Once off of this narrow, scary, but beautiful road, we pull into a town. This Historic Fairhaven District is a quaint little district with shopping, dining and lodging.

This town is located on the water and is known for its colorful 19th-century architecture and history, as well as for its artsy shops and cafes. Located on the north end of Chuckanut Drive this town is within the southern city limits of Bellingham overlooking the waters of Bellingham Bay. We turn off of the main road going through the historic district and find Bellingham Bay. There is a ramp leading to the water. Hubby parks and I take a walk. Hummm! The ramp and boardwalk are dog friendly. We might have to return and take our fur kids for a walk. Not today though.

The ramp leads to the bay. It’s not real crowded.

Hubby waits with the fur kids in the Big Boy Truck. There are signs saying “no parking” but there are many vehicles parked there. Hubby will stay in the truck in the event he needs to move the truck. BooBoo waits for me to return.

We leave the bay area and head back to the KOA. We take the same road back. Let me tell you about the Big Boy Truck scare. There is a weight limit on this road and it is very narrow. There are big boulders on one side of the road and a cement wall on the other side of the road. Cars drive way too fast for this road. There is a hairpin curve on this road. We were driving on a very narrow section and cars were coming towards us. One car was taking more than it’s share of the road and we have to move over. We heard a very LOUD SCREECH. OH NO!!!! We were mortified. Did we scrape the whole side of the truck on this cement wall? As soon as we saw a place to pull over, we pulled over and got out to look. We imagined the whole side of the truck to be damaged. We could not believe our eyes. No damage at all. We could not even see a scrape mark on the tire. What was that screech? We were so relieved. I thanked God for his grace and told Hubby we will never again come back on this road.

God Bless, God is Good. Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if you have a dually truck, stay off of the Chuckanut scenic drive road.

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