Thursday, Day 24 of our Wild West Adventure – Heading to Burlington – Anacortes KOA

Wednesday, June 30, Day 24. The first part of the drive was rather boring. Interstate 90, we decided, was the worst road we’ve been on. So unbelievable bumpy for a major interstate road. This unique bridge overpass was odd, but cool to say the least.

We need a break so we pull into a roadside rest. There is a parking section for Semi Trucks, one for regular vehicles and one for RVs. We pull into the one for RVs and the lot is full. Mostly because cars without trailers are taking up valuable spaces. There is plenty of room in the roadside rest for cars to park so I don’t know why people driving cars would park in the RV area. We have no choice but to park behind this car that should not be in this lot.

Interstate 90 goes around Seattle. There are times when we are sharing seven lanes of traffic.

Hubby likes to look at cloud formations to see if they look like animals. He will point out a cloud formation and ask me what I think it looks like. Usually, I will say a cat or a frog and I will be right. Hubby saw a lady’s face in the snow of this mountain. He could not believe I could not see it. Does anyone see a lady’s face in the snow. Hubby worked on a farm years ago. Another game he plays is to see if I know what breed of cow is in the field. There are Black Angus, Charolais, Herford, Holstein and many more. I don’t like this road game and I told Hubby I didn’t want to play this game anymore.

The mountains and beautiful scenery are a dead give-a-way we are getting closer to our destination.

We arrive at our destination. It is a KOA in Burlington – Anacortes.

We have a corner lot. I like corner lots because they are usually larger and we have no camper on at least one side of us. We have a large, level, gravel site with a patio. This park has awesome WIFI. We have our own WIFI, but the parks is much faster than ours so why not use their WIFI. We have a picnic table and firepit.

We cross over a small bridge to get to our site. There is a creek flowing under the bridge. There is a community fire pit. There was a fire in the fire pit but no one enjoying it. It was early in the afternoon. Maybe people will congregate later when it gets dark out. There are many cute cabins in the KOA.

I have to better check out this TeePee. I wonder if people can sleep in there or if it is just decoration.

The camp store had a ice cooler filled with different types of frozen treats. This KOA has a very nice camp store and very a friendly staff.

Hubby captured this picture of me when I was fooling around with Bert, Ernie and Big Bird. For the life of me, I can’t think of the names of the others. Maybe Elmo? Maybe Cookie Monster? Which one is in the garbage can?

It’s time to relax and enjoy a Mango Hard Seltzer.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if you are ever in this area, this KOA is very nice. I’m glad we are here for six nights.

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