The Nugget, Spokane KOA and Ellensburg KOA. Wild West Adventure

Friday, June 25, Day 19 of our Wild West Adventure. Yesterday when we arrived at the North American RV Park and Yurt Village, it was very noisy in the park. Today was much quieter. We took a ride today then spent the rest of the day relaxing. I can’t believe the mountains in Northwest Montana. The time change has us going to bed earlier and getting up earlier.

Saturday, June 26, Day 20. We left North American RV Park and Yurt Village. It was a nice two night stay. We left at 10:30 am. I’m glad the check-in time for our next campground was at noon. This worked perfectly for us since the drive was short. Short and beautiful. We arrive at the Nugget RV Resort right around noon. We did miss a turn so that delayed our arrival by 20 minutes. We had the volume turned off on our GPS which is a big mistake. I turned it back on after we missed our road and had to drive ten minutes down the road before we could find a turn-around place that could fit our Big Boy Truck and our 44 ft long 5th wheel. Can’t just turn around anywhere. We got lucky. We found a huge pull off where we could turn around. It was a beautiful place to pull over at. I got out of the Big Boy Truck to get a better look at the river. I was able to snap a picture of the water through the trees. I guess missing our road was not as bad as we at first thought.

We have a pull-thru, level, gravel site. It’s only long enough to fit our 5th wheel. The Big Boy Truck will need to be parked in a parking space alongside of the 5th wheel. This works for us. The laundry room was right next to us.

Sunday, June 26, Day 21. Hubby wanted Cherries. Hubby got Cherries. We saw the signs for Cherries when we drove through the town when heading to our campground. Hubby would not forget. Once something is in Hubby’s head, it is there until he gets what he wants. I’m fine with that.

We got some produce. A lady owned this store and she was a talker. I thought I would never get out of there. She was very pleasant and nice to talk to.

We took a drive to look at more scenery and mountains.

Booboo looks out the window waiting for me to take my pictures and get back in the Big Boy Truck. I’m coming BooBoo.

June 28, Monday, Day 22. Leaving the Nugget today. Well, we did it, OOPS. So far in our travel we’ve done pretty good. We knocked over a sign back when we stayed at Summerville RV Retreat in West Virginia. Today, we had another mishap. We were leaving and with the tail spin on the 5th wheel, we were getting close to the pole the electric meter was on. I got out to watch and guide Hubby. As Hubby was pulling forward, he was getting too close so I yelled stop. I yelled stop four or five times at the top of my lungs before he hit the pole and knocked off the electric meter. He didn’t hear me yell stop. A very nice park attendant came over to help us pull out of our spot. I was so busy trying to help Hubby get out of our space, I forgot all about getting a picture of the meter laying on the ground next to the pole. It’s an image I will have sketched in my mind forever so I guess I didn’t need to snap a photo of it with my phone.

We only have a 100 mile drive today and with the time change, we will arrive in Spokane too soon. Check-in is 2 pm. We need to kill some time so we stopped at a Walmart. There was a huge parking lot for big rigs and 18 wheelers to park in. Hubby and the fur kids waited in the Big Boy Truck while I shopped.

We passed through two states today. Idaho and Washington.

At 1:15, we pull into the Spokane KOA. It’s 105º and feels like 200º. We have a nice, level, gravel site, plenty long enough for our rig and Big Boy Truck. We liked this park and if we ever come back to this area, I will for sure call way in advance to get a reservation. All I could get on this trip was one night. They were booked solid.

Tuesday, June 29, Day 23. Woke up at 5:45 am Washington time. The time change is really getting to me. The campground is full. With this heatwave, campers need electricity. Our neighbors were going to boondock, but decided against it. I don’t know how they got a spot because this campground was completely reserved. Our neighbors told us they do not plan ahead. Hubby and the neighbor talked for a while until the heat got to them. It was too hot to stand outside and chat.

Hubby had a video doctor’s appointment he needed to attend over his phone. His doctor is in Erie PA, eastern time zone. His appointment was at 10 am. I just realized the previous day that it will be 7 am here in Washington State. Glad I thought about that. I got Hubby all logged in for his video doctor’s appointment. The video appointment went well. Hubby went back to back to bed after he had his appointment.

It’s 188 miles to our next stop. That is a little under three hours driving time. So far in the State of Washington, Interstate 90 has been bumpy to say the least. You can tell the states that spend their road money on the roads and the ones that don’t.

We are responsible dog parents. There are campers that are not. These signs are for them.

We leave Spokane Washington heading to Ellensburg. We pass the big city of Spokane.

We pass a big building. Hubby and I both wonder what is in there until we see the sign on the building. Yep, it is Amazon,

We pass wheat field after wheat field. The scenery is very dull. Nothing to look at, then all of a sudden, I tell Hubby: “Look over there!”

There is a scenic pull over and we pull in. I need to capture this on pictures. I get out of the truck and find there is a long blacktop path leading to the area where I can get a good view of the Columbia River. It’s 109º but I need to see this. The blacktop was even hot on my feet and I had on tennis shoes.

As we cross over the Columbia River, I snap a picture.

We pull into our campsite at Ellensburg KOA. It is 109º. We had a park attendant escort us to our site. He admitted he had a “brain fart” (his words) when he took us the wrong way down the lane to our site. Then his brain fart must have not gone away because we rode around almost every lane in the campground until he took us to our site. I joked asking him if he was trying to test Hubby’s driving ability.

A river runs through the backside of the campground. It is too hot to enjoy it. We are inside of the 5th wheel, with all three air conditioners running and all of the blinds closed. We need to cool it down inside.

By the time for us to go to bed, It had finally cooled off inside, even though it was still 100º outside. I even had to put on a sweatshirt. Benji was waiting at the top of the steps trying to tell us he was ready for bed.

Wednesday, June 30, Day 24 of our Wild West Adventure. Today starts the best part of our adventure. We are heading to Burlington, Washington for a six night stay. I have so much planned so keep reading. If you have not already done so, enter your email and click on the “follow” button so you can get an email notification when I publish a new post.

Our destination for this vacation is the three states we’ve never been to. Washington, Oregon and California. Our stays during our travel days and all of the beautiful scenery we’ve seen up until we arrive in Washington are what I call Bonuses.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind, and stay cool when the temps hit 109º.

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    Linda, Ed and I have walkie talkies that we keep in the coach so when we are doing the back in or pull out, I can talk to him easily. Just a thought for you.


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