Day 11, Thursday. Country Kitchen and Farmer’s Daughter General Store

We started our today by getting a bite to eat. Hubby said this restaurant had the best chicken strips and french fries he ever ate. I have to admit, the food was good. The french fries were made from scratch. Not frozen. They were fresh cut potatoes and arrived at our table hot. Hubby said the chicken strips were hand battered. Our waitress was excellent.

Hubby has been wanting a banana split for weeks. When he gets something in his head, it stays there until he gets what he wants. This usually is for something sweet but it can also be for something he saw on an info commercial. The last few weeks it has been a banana split. We got this brochure from our campground store and Hubby saw the picture of a banana split. We had to go.

We sat at the soda bar and the two soda shop girls went to work making Hubby his banana split. I had a hot fudge sundae.

The store had many awesome items to buy from jewelry, to home items, to clothes and much much more.

This canvas bag reminded me of my niece Lindsay. She is always late. Now, this bag gives her an excuse.

We don’t leave the fur kids alone very often but when we do, we close all of the blinds and turn up the TV. I have cameras everywhere inside and outside. I can watch our fur kids every move. I can also make sure they do not bark. They are so well behaved, especially when we leave them alone.

Tomorrow is a travel day. We leave Hardin and head to Great Falls, Montana. Tomorrow is just a one night stay in Great Falls on our drive to Glacier. Tomorrow will be a five hour drive day. The campground we are in does not have sewer hook-ups. They offer a dump station. We will stop at the dump station on our way out. This will be a first for us but Hubby will have it all under control.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if you are in Hardin, you have to eat at Country Kitchen.

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