Day 8 (Monday) & Day 9 (Tuesday) at Hardin KOA, Montana

Day 8, Monday. We left Devils Tower at 10:30 am. It was a four drive to Hardin, Montana. The past two travel days had us leaving our campsite on travel days before 10 am. I knew yesterday would be different. We would leaving a little later. I could hear the Hubby chatting with the neighbor. That always slows us down. I can’t blame the neighbor. Hubby is a friendly man.

For some reason our GPS didn’t take us on Interstate 90. The GPS routed us on a two lane highway for an hour and a half. Route 112 was a really nice route where we could enjoy such beautiful scenery. What I didn’t enjoy was Hubby complaining about vehicles in front of us going to slow. There were plenty places to pass and Hubby did pass a really slow vehicle once. I told Hubby that we were not in a hurry, take his time and enjoy the ride.

We pulled into the Hardin KOA at around 3 pm. Check in was fast and easy. The staff is very friendly. We were escorted to our site. It was hot out. When we pulled in, the temp outside was 104º. Even though the humidity was only 15%, after helping Hubby unhitch and do the outside work, I was soaking wet from sweat. It was hot hot hot inside of the 5th wheel when I opened the door. After turning on all three air conditioners, it cooled down quickly.

The camp store has an assortment of food, RV items and gifts. We had a level gravel site with electricity and water. This campground offers a dump station, no sewer, no cable.

We have a firepit, picnic table and a swing. The temps in the evening are still close to 100º so I won’t be enjoying the swing.

The pool looks really nice. I think there is a hot tub, but it is covered with a winter cover.

A nice playground for the kiddies and a gazebo.

The park clears out each morning and fills up later in the day. The KOA is right off I90 so it is a great stopping place for travelers. We are staying four nights for two reasons. 1. Availability of campgrounds between our stay at Devils Tower and our next stop 2. We needed a rest where we can relax.

Our 5th wheel is situated perfectly for me to watch the sunset from the window by my bed in the garage.

Day 9, Tuesday. I woke early and thought i would make sugar cookies for the Hubby. It’s a mix and all I had to add was one egg and some butter.

Today is another hot day. Today we drove to Billings to a Walmart. It was around a 45 minute drive. We packed up the pups and headed out. This Walmart was huge and clean. Twice the size of any Walmart I’ve been in.

I made Hubby a good supper and we will relax for the rest of the evening inside in the air conditioning. The sun is setting and it is a bright orange. The picture does not do this orange sun justice.

This is our view from the back of our Rig. We are out in the country for sure.

The sun is setting a bright orange on BooBoo. The rays are coming through the kitchen window and landing on BooBoo.

Although it is very pretty to the naked eye, you never see the real beauty in a picture.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation of a sunset.

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