Day 7, Wild West Adventure. Sunday at Devils Tower.

The time change stinks. I was up at 5:30 am. Back home it was 7:30 am, my normal time to wake up. I cannot trick my body into going back to sleep. I like that we keep gaining an hour, but 5:30 am is a little early for me.

What a view I have outside of my window this morning. There are a few tall trees blocking most of the Devils Tower from my window but I can see the top of it. I still cannot believe I was able to reserve two nights’ stay on a weekend with only a few month’s notice. We were only looking to stay here for two nights.

Today we will venture out. We need to find a drug store and a grocery store. I need to stock up on dog food and we need some pharmacy necessities.

We found a corner market but not a pharmacy. I was able to get a few of the pharmacy items. We needed extra strength Tylenol and Pepto Bismol. I was also able to stock up on dog food for the fur babies. I spent $100 at the Corner Market. I guess I bought more than medicine and dog food. They probably like me shopping there.

When we left the Corner Market, we stopped for fuel and more DEF.

We decided to take a drive after fueling up. We found a road that leads to Cook Lake. Why not take a ride and see the lake. I’ll tell you why not. The road was a very winding road, which was okay. But you can only go so fast and we saw a sign saying it was another 15 miles. At the speed we were going, it would have taken forever.

The views were absolutely beautiful on this road to the lake. We drove it for almost a half hour before we turned around. I should probably mention that the paved road turned into a dusty dirt road and that was the real deciding factor that led us to turn around.

Today, Bella decides to lay in a small cooler inside of this dog carrier. You cannot see the cooler because it is a small one capable of holding six pop cans. She cannot be comfortable. Hubby also had to pull over and take BooBoo out for a walk. BooBoo was fussing again and after what happened yesterday, we were not taking any chances. False alarm. Hmmm!

We headed back to the campground for a little rest and a snack. The road back to the campground was the same one we took yesterday when we were arriving at Devils Tower KOA.

We are not picking up TV stations here but we have great internet WIFI reception. We have our own internet. We never use campground WIFI. We watched some YouTube. I ate a salad and Hubby had a snack and after we rested a bit, we headed back out.

We went into the Devils Tower National Park. We went into the park to get a closer look.

I am so glad we have the America the Beautiful Lifetime Senior Citizen membership pass. It got us in for free. Cars pay a $25 fee to enter the park.

Another road led us to the actual monument. The temperature today was 90º. The sun was shining bright.

Pets are not allowed on the trails so the Hubby and the fur kids waited in the truck. We’ve been here before and Hubby volunteered to wait in the truck. I told him that after I got back, he could go up the trail if he wanted to. The parking spots were tight so I think he didn’t want to leave the Big Boy Truck. He was fine. As I said, we’ve been here before and the view from the campground is amazing.

We took this selfie from beside our Big Boy Truck on our campsite. Amazing!

The campground swimming pool was closed. They said because of COVID. I just think they were late in opening it. They have sprinklers for the kids to run through at the play area.

They have these cute little tee-pee tents for tenters. Tomorrow’s temperature will be 100º. It’s gonna be hot in those tents. The nights get really cold though. Tonight’s low will be 54º

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and stay warm if you sleep in a tent and the low is 54º.

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