Day 6, Saturday. Devils Tower/Black Hills KOA, Wyoming

Today was a travel day. When I woke up today I could not believe how cold it was and how hot it was going to be. The humidity today was 11%. I can’t remember the last time the humidity was 11%. Again today, we were hitched up and ready to go before 10:00 am. This is a record for us. Two days in a row.

Booboo sits up front with us. Yes, he is tethered in. All of them are. They are my precious cargo.

Bella has a very expensive, comfortable dog seat but she prefers to lay in this old raggedy cheap dog bed on the floor.

Benji has enough leash to allow him to stand up and look out of the front window. He too would rather not use his expensive dog seat.

I have to tell you this funny story. BooBoo probably does not think it is funny. We were driving along Interstate 90 and BooBoo was starting to fuss. I knew something was wrong. Pulling a 44 ft long 5th wheel down Interstate 90, we could not stop. There wasn’t anywhere to pull off at. It wasn’t safe to pull over. He was trying to get onto Hubby’s lap. I held him back. He tried to get into the back seat. He was tethered in up front. I thought maybe he was sick and needed to vomit. I cleared a place on the front floor for him and put him on the floor thinking he would vomit. I got paper towels ready. We are always prepared. Once on the floor, he squatted and took a dump. Mind you, we took him out for a poo walk before we left and he did his business. Well, it was a little smelly but we put the windows down, I cleaned up the mess and BooBoo was just fine. I felt bad that we could not stop for him. I would have laughed if BooBoo was able to get onto Hubby’s lap and took a dump there.

We did find a roadside rest a half hour later. Unfortunately, BooBoo could not wait. All of the roadside rests on I90 have these wooden teepees.

Hubby’s job when we stop for a rest is to take the pups for a short walk. My job is to get them water and snacks.

So many different terrains on this section of Interstate 90.

Diesel trucks need this additive called DEF. The truck alerted us that it was thirsty for DEF. This DEF stuff is a pain in the butt. If you do not put DEF in when it is needed, the performance of the truck sufferers until the DEF is added. Hubby went into the store at the LOVE’s fueling station and bought some DEF.

We also had to fill up the fuel tank with diesel. We have a debit fuel card for these fuel stations. It is not like going to the gas station to get gas. Hubby always needs help with this because there are so many buttons to push. The screen asks questions like “do you have a reward card” and “do you need DEF”. We have to select that we are a Reefer. It will ask if we want a cash advance. It will ask if we want any other products. So everytime we use this card, I have to get out and help Hubby. He needs me!

We pass Sturgis, Mount Rushmore, the road to Crazy Horse, all of which we did not stop because we’ve been there before. I did snap a picture of this plane on a pole. Have no clue what it signifies.

BooBoo is so spoiled. He has a very comfortable doggie bed but likes my lap more.

After we exit I90 on Exit 185, it’s about a 20 minute ride to our Campground. On the drive in, we can see Devils Tower. This road had very sharp curves and the speed limit was 65 miles per hour. We would have tipped over if we drove these sharp curves that fast. There were not any cars behind us for most of the drive in. Towards the end, we did have a short line of vehicles behind us. Hubby does not like to hold up traffic. We weren’t going that much slower.

I am forever grateful that we could get a reservation at this KOA campground. Look how close we are to this majestic rock butte. We have two nights here. Tomorrow we will go sightseeing.

The KOA has a huge registration office, camp store and restaurant. The Devils Tower Trading Post is across the street. They both have the same junky souvenirs.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if you are ever near Devils Tower, try to get a reservation at the KOA.

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