Day 4, Wild West Adventure, Albert Lea/Austin KOA in Minnesota.

We passed this huge rock formation. Hubby reminded me this would be a good picture for my blog. This rock formation was in the middle of nowhere. There is a lot of “nowhere” on Interstate 90 out west. The roads were better today and it was a much more relaxing ride. Maybe Wisconsin and Minnesota are spending their road money on their roads.

This picture is not a good picture. I believe these are the Blue Angels or some other military air agency flying these four jets in formation. These four jets in beautiful formation passed in front of me at least four times, each time catching me off guard.

I don’t catch many state line signs. Usually there are big trucks on the interstate blocking my view but on this stretch of road, the sign was in clear view and I was able to snap a picture. Welcome to Minnesota!

When we started our travels almost two year ago, our dream was to chase 70 degree weather. I swear the 90 degree weather is chasing us. It seems we can’t get away from the heat.

We did this when we rode the GoldWing motorcycle and now we are doing it pulling a 44 ft 5th wheel down the interstate. We wait too long to look for a fuel station. The “time to fill up” alert sounded through the Big Boy Truck as we pulled into the Fuel station. Why do men do this?

Today’s drive was four hours. It was a pleasant ride. It was a beautiful day. A little too hot but beautiful.

We pull into Albert Lea KOA, Holiday. The campgrounds out west are ok. They are not resorts. It’s been hot and dry in the last several states and these parks do not have paved lanes. I don’t even think it is gravel. The dust from the campground roads cover everything.

Our site is level. We have a patio with camp chairs around the firepit. Who wants to sit out by a fire when at 8 pm, the temperature outside is still 91º. Unbelievable.

These days are travel days. Our next stop is Kennebec, South Dakota. We will still be in the central time zone. We will spend one night. I was leary reserving the KOA in Kennebec. Reviews were iffy. Guess we will have to wait and see. I warned Hubby that campgrounds out west are not what we are used to. I do like KOA campgrounds.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and enjoy the ride


2 thoughts on “Day 4, Wild West Adventure, Albert Lea/Austin KOA in Minnesota.

  1. LaCrosse Wisconsin at the Minnesota border on I-90 is have a Blue Angels Air Show this coming weekend, they are practicing. The stone formation was at Volk Field an National Guard Base. At Albert Lea is the Spam museum. Never toured it but heard it was interesting, it helped win WWII.
    Cousin Janet, I used to live i n LaCrosse.

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