The Wild West Adventure Begins, Day 1. Huggy Bear Campground

Our adventure begins. We are heading west. I’m naming this adventure our Wild West Adventure. Stay with us as we venture on our three and a half month journey west.

We have a new setup for our garage. We put our scooters in storage in my sister’s garage as we are just taking our golf cart. I want easy. We put most of our “stuff” in our storage shed. We are only taking necessities. This is a vacation in which we will be moving weekly. I want easy.

We have room for my bed in the garage along side of the golf cart. There will be many places where we will not take the golf cart out of the garage.

BooBoo just woke us and is still a little groggy.

Hitching up, getting ready to take off. Today’s travel day is a little over three hours of driving time. Add an hour for gas stops and stops to give the fur babies a pee and poo break.

We make it to our destination, Huggy Bear Campground in Ohio. This is a rather large campground. Getting here, we ran through two rain events with wind and torrential downpours. It even sprinkled when we were a few miles from our campground and we thought we would have to set up in the rain, but miracles do happen. The rain stopped and we were able to do our outside work without getting wet. This campground has a lot of amenities we won’t use since it is just an overnight stop for us. The do have a huge camp store that has anything you think you might need. They have a small restaurant in the camp store. Hubby got food but said it was not anything to brag about. He got a burger and fries. Actually, he got a pizza burger. Not a good choice when he is a picky eater to begin with.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every. Kind and don’t order a pizza burger when you are a picky eater.


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