Birthday, Mother’s day, & Babies

Hubby had a birthday while we were here at our home base. Birthday presents now involve items needed for traveling in an RV. You never know when you need a battery hand-held miniature chainsaw. I also got him a good quality winch. Our old one was cheap and broke after a few uses. Because we didn’t want to carry the weight around, we gave it to a neighboring RV guy when we were in Florida. He was happy to get it and we were happy to get rid of it. Win, Win for both of us.

We celebrated mother’s day a week late. My sister made us a Vegan, totally delicious breakfast and we celebrated with mimosas. It was a relaxing day. Us girls played a few hands of Po-ke-no for money. I’m pretty sure I went home with more money than I went with.

I’m a great aunt to these two precious bundle of joy.

I’m reading a singing book. Songs like Row, Row, Row your boat and Patty Cake, Patty Cake.

Back in the RV, Benji makes himself comfortable next to BooBoo. To refresh everyone on the history of bedtime with BooBoo and Benji, months ago, many months ago, Benji would terrorize BooBoo at night when we all slept in the big king size bed in the bedroom. We called these moments Benji’s Cujo moments. It got to where BooBoo would not sleep in the bed but would stay downstairs and cry all night. So I turned the garage into a second bedroom and started to sleep in the garage with BooBoo. That is when I realized I got a much better night sleep. And for the nights when I could not sleep, I could turn on the TV or my computer without waking up the Hubby. Every once in a while, Benji feels the need to jump up on our bed in the garage. Apparently, BooBoo is fine with Benji invading his space on our bed in the garage as long as Benji behaves. Look at that cute little face of Benji’s.

When we come home to our homebase twice a year, our time is spent visiting family and friends and going to appointments. Hubby has three different doctor’s appointments. He has an appointment to get his hair cut. We both have appointments to get our eyes checked. I have a dentist appointment. Our pups were groomed the other day and they all have their annual visit to the vet next week. I have another hair appointment in two weeks. I have lunch scheduled with friends on several different days.

My sister is retiring from her job and we are celebrating her retirement by staying at the Country Club resort in a few weeks. We are spending Saturday in a cabana at the pool and on Sunday morning, we are getting massages. We check in on a Friday and check out on a Sunday.

Hubby, my three fur babies and I leave for our trip out West on Monday, June 7. Since we will be moving often, I need easy. I want our travel days to effortless. We decided to put all of our possessions that we hardly ever use in our shed that is on our property. Why lug all of this stuff around with us. This summer vacation out west will be filled with so much sightseeing that we won’t have time to watch TV and we will probably be too tired to sit out by our firepit so we are leaving our satellite and firepit in the storage shed. I’m leaving my blackstone at home. We have containers that are filled with “what if items”. Those containers will stay home too. I also have way too many clothes. The clothes I do not wear will also go into storage. These clothes should just go to a donation place, but I’m not ready for that. I hate that hoarding side of me.

For all of you newbies that read my blog, you will find when downsizing, you will keep too much. I know I did. We never did lug around our ladders that came with our 5th wheel. Those went into our shed right away. These are the ladders for the loft bed and the garage bed. They are heavy and we have no use for them. We bought a telescoping ladder that fits all of our needs. We use our loft bed for storage. The table and table legs for the garage are in our shed. We don’t and won’t use them.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and try not to be that hoarder. It is just stuff. I need to now take my own advice.


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