Grooming for Fur Babies and Hair Salon For Me

We’re at our home base and as nice as it is to see family, I’m cold. Nights here are cold and days are chilly here in Pennsylvania. The Hubby and I will be very busy during the next few weeks. The coming weeks are filled with doctor, dentist, eye appointments and Vet appointments for the pups. They were already at the groomer yesterday.

Our Fur Babies love their groomer. Even though the pups have not been to see Chelsey since last October, they remembered her and were so excited to see her. We all love Dawgie Stylz by Chelsey. Chelsea hired an assistant. My Pups love her too. Thanks Lindsay for taking care of my babies.

This is their before grooming picture. They are so cute looking shaggy.

This is their after picture. I love the way they look after getting groomed. And they are so soft that I can’t stop petting them. They are probably lost five pounds after getting all of their doggie fur cut off. Benji has a pink eye from birth and it really stands out after getting groomed.

As for me, I had a much needed salon day. I also needed a change.

I decided to go lighter. If you need a great stylist, Gianna at “Icon STUDIO” is terrific.

A few posts ago, I told you about a Ottoman that turns into a lounger and then a bed I was buying. It arrived and as soon as I set it up, BooBoo decided it was his bed.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and it’s okay to spoil your fur baby but make sure your Fur Baby knows he needs to share the bed. Move over BooBoo!


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