It’s Good to be Flexible!

We are staying at Summersville, West Virginia for another night. High wind gusts in West Virginia and storms and heavy all day rain in Pennsylvania.

We need to play it safe and we can do this because we are flexible.

The forecast shows rain all day long in Pennsylvania. From the time we hit the Pennsylvania state line, we would have had to deal with storms and heavy rain. My family in Pennsylvania even saw snow today. Not only would we be driving in heavy rain, we would need to unhitch and set up once we got there which would involve hooking up our electricity. No thank you.

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Here in Summersville, West Virginia, the sustained winds are around 15 mph with wind gusts reaching 50 mph. Who wants to be on the road driving a 43.5 ft long 5th wheel that is 13.6 feet high with wind gusts of 50 mph. Not only is it dangerous, your gas mileage would be crappy. I don’t need the stress.

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This morning, I called the reservation desk here at the campground and asked if we could extend our stay. Our site was available. They charged my card and we are good to stay another night.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be kind to Every Kind and Be Flexible.

PS: In the past ten minutes, the park lost its electricity three times. We will be fine. We have a gas generator built in and I have a Jackery Portable Power Station.


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