Last Few Days at Southern Leisure. Heading North.

Magnolias are in bloom in Florida. Everywhere you go, you see these beautiful Magnolia trees. Our RV Resort, Southern Leisure has many of these beautiful trees throughout the park.

Southern Leisure has a great activity director. There are so many activities that if I joined in on every activity, I would be totally exhausted. I picked my favorite activities and was very content with the few I participated in. My friend Lynda asked me if I was coming to play Po-keno. I decided to give Po-Keno a try. It is a card game you play for money. We played with pennies and nickels. I had so much fun that I wished I started to play when I first got there instead of right before we were leaving. I liked the game so much, I bought it from Amazon and will teach my Pennsylvania family how to play it. My sister Gerri wants to play with quarters instead of pennies. I told her we can do nickels.

We are leaving Chiefland (Southern Leisure RV Resort) and we have so much to do.

Thursday before leaving. BooBoo got a courtesy check at the Vet. I highly recommend Chiefland Animal Hospital if your pet needs any type of medical attention.

Thursday before leaving. We needed to fill our propane tank. I highly recommend this place. It is located very near Southern Leisure RV resort.

Thursday before leaving. It was time to take down our flag pole. We also take down our yard sign and solar tiki torches and store them away.

Friday before leaving, I have to give up my living space in our Toy Hauler garage. Everything must come off of the deck. The Happy Jack bed must go up to the ceiling.

Friday before leaving: It’s time to bring in the toys. What a job.

Picture 1. Garage area and deck are cleared. That is my job to do.

Picture 2. Golf Cart is in the garage. Our winch broke so we got the neighbors to help push the golf cart into the garage. The golf cart does not have a brake. It stops when you let off the gas. I don’t like driving it into the garage because to get enough speed to get up the ramp, it might not stop quick enough once in the garage. I could end up flying though the garage wall and end up in our living area.

Picture 3. Scooters are in the garage along with miscellaneous items, such as our ladder and table, The big back door is closed. All is strapped down.

Another job of mine is to secure everything in the kitchen. Love my tension rods. I use them everywhere instead of taking everything off the counter. I do this the morning we are leaving. I wake up a few hours before Hubby so I have plenty of time to get this done.

The Kids know what is going on and they patiently wait to get their harnesses on. They know they are going for a day trip to a new place. After the fur babies are taken out to the truck and tethered in, I am ready to pull the slides in.

Outside, we have a few things to do before we take off. Hubby is disconnecting the water and electric. I disconnect the cable TV. Sewer was taken care of the evening before. We hitch to the truck, remove the wheel chocks and raise the leveling jacks. We check to make sure the lights are working. We do several walk arounds to make sure everything is good to go. Doors are all locked, steps are up, handrail is turned in. When everything looks good, we can leave.

Goodbye Florida, It was a great winter. We were so lucky to have perfect weather (except for a few storms) all winter long.

Hello Georgia.

I love waking up in a new place. We are staying at Creekside RV Resort for a few days. We have a corner lot which is always nice. We are very tired after a travel day. It is time to relax and maybe go to sleep early. We did have some inconsiderate neighbors that were howling at the moon after quiet hours. I guess that is to be expected on a Saturday night. It would be nice if they are weekend warriors and will leave today.

This is our second stay at Creekfire RV Resort.

We have a picnic table. Our site is big. We are very close to the pool area. There is a restaurant right here inside of the RV park. We ordered food for delivery. It was actually very good.

Our Ice Machine broke last night. I have to admit that I have been happy with this ice maker. It’s probably three years old and we make ice at least twice a day, every day, if not more. It did its job. We just might have to buy a new one today. This is something we can’t go without. We like our ice.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if you camp, follow the rules. When it says quiet time is 10 pm, don’t be howling at the moon during quiet hours.

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