Leaving Florida in One Week. Southern Leisure Gets 5 Stars

It seems like we just got here and it’s almost time to leave. Time goes by so fast when we are enjoying our traveling life. We have one week to get ready to pull out of Southern Leisure (SL) RV Resort in Chiefland, Florida and head north. It’s time to go to our homebase in Pennsylvania. We have doctor’s, dentist, and eye appointments for Hubby and me, vet and grooming appointments for the fur babies. It’s going to be a busy month and before we know it, we will be getting ready for our trip to California, Oregon and Washington State.

Southern Leisure is one of my favorite RV Resorts and I will miss it. I highly recommend Southern Leisure for long term stays as well as overnight or short stints. The campers and staff in this resort are very friendly. I’ve made some good friends.

Here is my list of great features at SL.

  1. The pool is large and a constant 82º.
  2. All sites are concrete.
  3. Always something to do. This resort has an activities director that keeps things hopping.
  4. It’s gated and over 55.
  5. They offer $5 delicious lunches in the Club House. Either for Eat-in or Take-out. And homemade pizza every few weeks on a Friday. YUM!

I give this Resort 5 Stars.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is star-1.png

We have one week to get organized and ready to head out. When we began our adventure back in November of 2019, we put some rules into effect. One major rule is that Hubby was responsible for the outside of the 5th wheel and I’m responsible for the inside. This goes for daily duties and organizing to leave for travel day duties.

Yesterday, Hubby washed the outside of our 5th Wheel.

BooBoo and I have our area in the garage where we have our bedroom. This all has to be taken down and removed so we can get our scooters and golf cart in the garage. This is my job. BooBoo will be very upset not being able to have access to his bed and he will let me know daily.

Hubby and the fur babies enjoy their morning playtime.

Bella loves laying outside on the deck. As soon as I open the doors to the deck each day, she darts out and makes herself very comfortable. There is a few inches between the deck floor and the screen railing where Bella can stick her head out. I fixed that with pool noodles. I don’t want her getting hurt sticking her head out. With my luck, she would get her head stuck under there.

Last night was pizza night. We had a pizza ordered for pick-up. Volunteers sign up to make the pizzas that were ordered. The pizzas are homemade and delicious.

Where is this big thing going? One of the tenants had some tree limbs that needed cleared. She called maintenance and they cleared the tree limbs right away. I think they had some other maintenance at their site done. She complimented on FaceBook that the work was done right away and she is very pleased with the owners that her request for maintenance was quickly taken care of. This is another reason that this RV resort is a great place to stay.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and if you are ever near Chiefland Florida in your RV, try staying at this really great RV resort.

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