Perfect Florida Day and Follow-Up Vet Visit for BooBoo.

BooBoo had his follow up visit at the vet today. All looks good. While we were there, he got his nails clipped. The Vet at Chiefland Animal Hospital is very nice. She said for us to bring BooBoo back before we head home and she will check him over and not charge us. So nice. We have an appointment for next Thursday, May 29. We leave Chiefland on Saturday, May 1.

When we got to the vet today, I suggested that Hubby and BooBoo wait outside on the porch. BooBoo gets a little excited when he sees other animals so it is better for him to wait outside.

BooBoo has always had a fascination with cats. Back when we had our Sticks and Bricks house, we had an outside cat and Hubby used to take BooBoo to all of the windows to look out and see the Kitty. BooBoo wanted to play with this kitty.

Today is a perfect weather day in Chiefland. The temperature is perfect. Not a cloud in the sky and a nice breeze making sitting in the hot sun very comfortable. We have the windows open in the 5th wheel and the breeze coming in feels so good.

We are taking advantage of this great weather. Some Florida days are very hot this time of year and some days are a little crappy. Today is perfect.

Benji loves hugs.

Bella has another three weeks before she visits our groomer in Hermitage. It is time for a ponytail to keep her puppy fur out of her eyes. The picture on the right shows Bella trying to get a peek at the neighbor’s dog.

Almost every evening I get to capture a beautiful sunset.

Once we are inside for the evening, BooBoo helps me with some computing.

My Goddaughter Carrie sent me a picture of the snow she work up to in Pennsylvania this morning. This is her backyard. I have a feeling when we get to our homebase in a few weeks, we will not be seeing snow, but we also will not be seeing Florida weather. At least I hope we will not be seeing snow. Thanks Carrie for the picture. Makes me glad I’m still in Florida.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and to my family and friends in Pennsylvania, keep warm.

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