Chiefland Animal Hospital

BooBoo was having a few problems. Head shaking and butt licking. Excessive butt licking. We’ve been fortunate that this is only the second time we needed a vet appointment while on the road. Last year, Benji was having trouble swallowing and we needed to take him to the vet in Jacksonville. Today, we took BooBoo to Chiefland Animal Hospital. He was diagnosed with an anal gland infection and an ear infection. Dr Susan was excellent with BooBoo. Dr Susan cleaned his anal glands and his ear. BooBoo got medicine in is ear and we got an antibiotic for his anal gland infection. We can tell a huge improvement this evening. BooBoo was so good at the vet. He got weighted and weighs 12.5 lbs. It’s a perfect weight for his size.

Thank you Dr. Susan for taking such good care of our BooBoo.

I got the senior citizen discount. I guess being a senior citizen has some perks.

I made myself a great lunch. Publix has Steam in a Bag fresh vegetables in the refrigerated area in the produce section. I added some Hokkien Noodles and had a very tasty meal.

It was sunny and 85º today. My friend Pam came by on her golf cart and asked why I was not in the pool. I told Pam to give me a few minutes I would come to the pool. I joined Pam, Robin and Suzie in the pool. Jan joined us a little later. Such a great group of people in this park.

Got back from the pool and heated up some leftovers for Hubby’s supper. Now I am relaxing and watching a little TV. It’s 9 pm and still 73º. I love Florida in the winter.

This is all in the day in the life of a retired RVer.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be kind to Every Kind and take advantage of all the senior citizen perks available.

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