Happy Easter and Benji Gets Groomed.

Wishing a Blessed Easter to all my Family, Friends and Followers!

This is the second easter where we’ve been on the road. I can’t believe the places we’ve been since we’ve started our adventure.

My family back at home base held their Easter dinner this past Friday at my sister’s new home. I sure do miss my sister’s cooking. She made a fabulous vegan meal for the family back home.

It’s not the same as being with family, but it is the next best thing. On holidays, when Hubby and I are on the road, we join the holiday festivities back home using FaceBook portal. It’s just like me being in the same room with everyone. Instead of me getting in my vehicle to leave, all I have to do is say “Hey Portal, Hang Up”.

Benji Gets Groomed

Benji’s fur grows much faster than BooBoo and Bella’s. Benji was in need of a grooming. BooBoo and Bella will let me trim around their eyes, but not Benji. We heard there was a groomer that groomed many pups here in the resort. After talking to the residents that use Diamond in the Ruff and hearing all good reviews, we decided to give them a call.

We got an appointment and Benji got groomed by Diamond in the Ruff. Heather and Jesse did a fantastic job on our little fur baby. I highly recommend Diamond in the Ruff. After Benji got groomed and she told me she excreted Benji’s anal glands, I asked if she could come back and get BooBoo and Bella’s done. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Heather and Jesse. Heather told me she does not use restraints when grooming. She is compassionate and Benji could tell. She gained his trust. She said he did awesome getting groomed. I always like to hear when my fur babies behave for groomers.

Below is Benji after grooming. Heather picked up Benji at the gate to our resort and brought him back to us. Benji is happy to be back in the 5th wheel with us.

Bella didn’t get groomed this time. I gave my Bella Girl a bath. She will wait until we get to our home base for her grooming with Chelsey at Dawgie Stylz by Chelsey. By this time, Benji will be ready again and BooBoo and Bella will be more than ready.

BooBoo will get his bath within the next few days.

I can’t ever get a snack to myself. I’m sharing my vegan vanilla ice cream. Of course, I’m done and they are getting the remnants of what is left in the cup.

The Clubhouse has a pool table, exercise machines and a community puzzle table. The clubhouse is also where I go to play Euchre and Bingo. Many park part-time residents are leaving in the next few weeks. Activities will be slowly coming to an end.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and take time out to enjoy life.


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