Manatee Spring Day Trip

We left our pups for a few hours so we could take a day trip to Manatee Springs State Park. Manatee Springs is only a 15 minute drive from our Camp Resort.

We have the Ring Camera System so I can watch our pups when we do leave them alone. We never leave them alone in the 5th wheel for longer than a few hours and when we do leave them, I constantly check on them to make sure they are okay. We shut all blinds and turn on the TV. We make sure all of our cameras inside are focused on the places they like to sit or sleep. When we do leave them, they are very behaved. They watch TV and sleep.

We wanted to go to Manatee Springs to scope it out. Pets are allowed, but not on the wooden boardwalk or near the springs where people swim. Our thought process was to check it out to see if it would be a place where we would want to return with our pups. It is not. The trails where dogs are permitted were closed and the only place dogs were allowed was in the picnic area, which was not a very large area.

On the road that leads to Manatee Springs, it appeared the fire department was doing a prescribed burn. It was a windy day so we thought it was strange, but what do we know.

After paying a $6 admission, we got our park map and found a place to park. There is a section in the parking lot for larger vehicles to park. We picked a nice large parking space for our Big Boy Truck.

You never see vines like this in Pennsylvania. It was a perfect backdrop for a picture.

We liked strolling down the wooden boardwalk. It was not a crowded day which was nice. Dogs are not allowed on the wooden boardwalk.

We got lucky. It wasn’t till we got to the end of the boardwalk that we saw a Manatee. I got a picture of the Manatee sticking its head out of the water.

The water was clear and we could see a small snake in the water. You won’t catch me swimming in this water. I didn’t see any signs saying to watch out for alligators. Wonder if there were any lurking around?

Near the picnic area was the swim area. I was told the water was cold but once you got in, it was okay. From what I was told, this is the area where the Manatees will most likely be seen. Not today, at least when we were there.

We had a good time. So glad we went.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and don’t swim with the snakes.


4 thoughts on “Manatee Spring Day Trip

  1. What a cool excursion. Wow, you saw a manatee! Thanks for blogging about it and sharing pics. Good to see how the pups behave while you’re away. We will have to work up to that with ours. So far we always stay with them when they get to go with us.

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