Southern Leisure RV Resort April Calendar is out.

Easter is in a few short weeks. Time flies. The clubhouse is decorated for Easter. Southern Leisure goes above and beyond to decorate and hold activities for their tenants. I love it here and if I didn’t already have reservations for this coming winter at another RV resort, I would for sure stay here again.

I signed us up for Easter Dinner and I informed Hubby that he will attend with me. He is not getting out of this one. We can leave our fur babies alone for an hour while we go to Easter Dinner at the Clubhouse. I go to a lot of activities alone. I’ve been making friends. I’m a very independent person so I can do things by myself. As I look at it, we are both retired and we both do what makes us comfortable. Hubby is comfortable not joining in on the activities and I enjoy joining in. Works for us.

April brings a whole new lunch menu. One item on April’s menu will appeal to Hubby. Not so much for me because I do not eat red meat. Every Wednesday in April, hamburgers are on the menu. I can get this one “to-go” for hubby.

I like to eat healthier. Wednesdays on March’s menu offers an Olive Garden Salad and Breadsticks. This is my kind of lunch. I’m signed up for this one.

The one activity I really enjoy is Euchre night. They play on Monday and Thursday evenings. Monday Euchre night follows margarita hour. So I go outside and buy my $2 margarita and head in to play Euchre. I guess I’m not the only one that enjoys a margarita while playing Euchre. I had not played Euchre for at least 30 years before starting to play here. It is like riding a bicycle. It comes right back to you. I really like playing with this group of people because we rotate partners so I have a new partner for every set of games we play. A set of games consists of eight games. Last night, the cards were not in my favor, unless I was playing poker. I had many good poker hands. Queens and nines. Once I had four of a kind. I had four jacks with a 9❤️. I bid hearts and made it by the seat of my pants. My partner didn’t have a heart in his hand.

This morning I woke up to the most beautiful sunrise. Now I know why I don’t catch a lot of sunrises even though I am up at the crack of dawn every morning. As quickly at the colors filled the sky, the colors were gone. I had a few short minutes to catch these pictures through my bedroom window.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and join in activities, you will have fun.

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