Windy, Chilly, Saturday

It’s very windy today. And Chilly. Our flagpole is attached to the ladder that leads to the RV roof. It is just a few feet away from my window in the garage/bedroom. When it is windy, the brackets that hold the flag onto the flagpole clang and bang against the metal of the flagpole. I can also hear the flag flapping. I mostly ignore this clanging and flapping but I know it would drive the normal person crazy. I guess I just admitted that in this sense, I am not normal. Oh well! The flagpole and flag are my wind-ometer. I don’t have to look at the wind speed on the weather app to know just how windy it is outside.

It’s going to be a lazy day. I think it will be a stay-in day. The campground is quiet today. No walkers, no bicyclist, no golf carts. No one walking their fur babies. Today is supposed to be a picnic and tomorrow is a Music event.Maybe everyone is at the Picnic today.Although we won’t be attending the Picnic and Music event today and tomorrow, I hope it all goes well for the tenants.

Apparently, March is the end of the season for snowbirds.We are here until May 1st. It’s still very cold in Pennsylvania. I guess you can say i’m spoiled because I like warm weather. May and June are normally very wet months in Pennsylvania. I’m glad we have the gravel pad to park the 5th wheel on when we go home for the months we go home. Going home is a nice break from traveling. I’m glad we can do both.

Other than a few annual people I’ve made friends with, a lot of campers/snowbirds are leaving here at the end of this month (March). I’m wondering how empty the park will be during the month of April. April here in Florida should start to get hot so he pool will be inviting daily. I bought a few new bathing suits, a new bathing suit cover-up and a new sun hat. I’ll be styling at the pool.

I guess all of my readers will have to wait until April to see what the month of April will bring at Southern Leisure. Will snowbirds leave? Will summer guests start to arrive? Will the camp resort be empty? Will I have the pool mostly to myself? Will they still have daily activities?

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God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and keep in mind that not every day is full of activities. Some days you just need to stay in and relax.


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