Storms and Bingo

We had plenty of notice of storms coming through the area. This line of storms had left destruction across several southern states.

Yesterday, knowing the storms were coming, we covered the golf cart and scooters. Today, we decided with the winds they were predicting, we needed to close the deck.

We dodged another bullet. The worst of the storm went north of us. It was very windy for a few long hours and we did get some rain, but the bad storms and tornado warnings went north east of us.

There is a Walmart within walking distance that allows dogs. Walmart would be our disaster “goto” plan in the event we would need to go. We would not leave our fur babies behind.

Southern Leisure RV Resort has activities every day. The other evening, I played BINGO. I won. Each regular game paid $30. This BINGO night was a BINGO PARTY night. In between games, they gave away prizes. I won a $25 gift card for WalMart. They had a bar set up. I had a Vodka and Cranberry. It was a win, win night.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and always try to have a disaster “goto” place when bad storms are forecasted.

One thought on “Storms and Bingo


    I never think of Bingo that I don’t remember going to lots of places in Wheatland and surrounding towns to play with Rae and Annie. Those days were fun and they always had a new favorite place


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