Southern Leisure RV Resort – I love it here!

We like it here at Southern Leisure. I’ve never been to a campground or camp resort where EVERYONE is so friendly. Everyone waves and when you pass someone in the campground, they talk as if they’ve known you for years. We feel very welcome here.

I would like to congratulate the manager, Donnie on her getting the award for Campground Manager of the Year 2021. This is our 16th month traveling the US and we’ve stayed in close to 40 different campgrounds/resorts. This is by far one of our favorites so I can see why Donnie got this award. Congratulations Donnie.

Southern Leisure has an activities director. Her name is Deb and she is awesome. There is a TV channel that displays all of the activities and food days. I took pictures of the activities displayed on channel 2 and these are just some of the activities they plan and meals they serve.

It’s a rainy morning. As I look out my window by my bed this morning, the campground is very quiet. Maybe everyone is sleeping in because of the rain. Most sunny mornings, the campground is alive with walkers and campers working on their lawn. They have campground workers, but from what I see, people are really proud of their sites and they take extra time to manicure their sites. It is nice to see people taking pride in their camp resort.

The Rain has stopped and BooBoo and Bella will sit at the window for hours and look out. I think they are waiting to see of any of their Fur Friends go by.

The roads throughout the camp resort are paved and lined with cute lampposts. Every site has one of these lapposts. I thought it would be a perfect to place my sign next to my site’s lamppost.

The lamppost on our site is right outside my bedroom window. No, the light does not bother me at night. I can close my blind or my eyes if it were to bother me.

Our flagpole is up and our deck is ready for us to enjoy. I put privacy screen on the outside of the deck rails. It is not for people looking in. It is for the pups not being able to see out. They don’t bark at what they can’t see.

Hubby loves sitting on the deck. His favorite thing to do is people watch. The minute our butts hit the chair, one of the pups jump onto our laps and get comfortable. It’s usually BooBoo to be the first one to jump on Hubby’s lap.

I took this picture standing on the far end of the deck facing inside.

Southern Leisure is a fairly new campground. From what I can tell, there are three phases. We are in phase one of the building of the campground. Most of the sites in Phase 1 are filled.

Phase two from what I can tell has a few sites that have campers on them. I believe phase two just opened. I believe phase three is in the process of getting grass and landscaping.

This resort has tiny houses for sale. Unlike the last campground we stayed at where the tiny houses faced the fenced in trash receptacle area, these tiny houses are in a nice area of the camp resort. Every area of this campground is well manicured.

Florida has the most awesome sunsets. For some reason, I never catch sunrises. I’m up at the crack of dawn and I know the sunrises have to be beautiful, but I miss them.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and always take time out to enjoy God’s beautiful light shows.

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