Getting Ready for Moving Day! Southern Leisure RV Resort.

So glad to have left Wekiva. I needed some peace and quiet. Wekiva was so noisy. Annual or long time tenants left for work early in the morning starting at 5:30 am until around 7:30 am. Around ten or more vehicles had modified mufflers or no muffler at all. Some of these people with loud mufflers, to be able to hear their tunes, they played the radio extremely loud blasting their music throughout the whole campground at all hours of the day and night. If you want a place to stay that is relaxing, don’t go to Wekiva. Wekiva is not my type of campground and I am so glad our time there was over.

Wekiva had a few pages of reasonable rules but did not enforce the rules. The 9 mph speed limit was abused every day. When we sat our on our deck, it was like watching a road race. We saw many near accidents. Tires screeching was a common sound.

The police were in the park once or twice a week. Not just one cop car. They came in pairs. Vehicles stolen, fights and who knows what all was happening. The park staff kept it quiet so we never knew what to expect.

Many dogs were not leashed and when someone complained on FaceBook, below is the attitude of the violators. I went into the office one day to discuss this rule not being followed. Nothing changed.

I love all dogs, big and small. All dogs can be biters. I would take my BooBoo for a walk and three or four times, I had to pick up BooBoo because we were charged by big dogs that were unleashed. The owners would yell that their dog was friendly, and I would yell back, “how am I supposed to know your dog is friendly?” The last three weeks we were at Wekiva, we quit walking our pups all together. I was not taking any chance of them getting hurt.

I could not be more excited when it was time for us to get ready to leave but not so excited about the work that needs done in order to leave.

It is normal for us to start two days in advance of leaving day. Two days before we leave, we take down our flag pole and my weBoost Amplifier. We take down our solar tiki lights, cleaned the spikes that were dirty from being driven down in the grass.

The day before we leave is busy for us, especially me. I had to tear down the bedroom in the garage area and convert it from my bedroom/office to an empty garage that will carry our scooters and our newly bought cricket golf cart.

If you are new to my blog, you probably don’t know that BooBoo and I sleep in the garage. Our sweet little Benji used to have Cujo moments where he would go after BooBoo. We all used to sleep in the big king size bed in the bedroom. At least once a month, in the middle of the night Benji would have a Cujo moment. Something like night terrors in people. Benji would go after BooBoo. It got so that BooBoo would not sleep in the king size bed anymore. BooBoo would sleep downstairs on the couch but would cry all night because he wanted me. So I would get up, grab my pillow and blanket and go sleep on the couch with BooBoo. That is when I decided to convert the garage into my bedroom/office area. BooBoo and I started to sleep on the happyjack system. I got a mattress pad and a heated mattress pad for the nights when the temps dipped down in the low 40s and even into the 30s. There is only one heat duct in the garage and the garage is not insulated so it could get chilly. After a few weeks of sleeping in the garage I realized that I sleep better and am much more comfortable. I like it. Sorry hubby, but you, Benji and Bella got the whole bed to yourselves. Guess what? Hubby is not complaining.

Bella and Benji like to get on our bed. BooBoo does not like the intrusion. BooBoo will bark until they get off of our bed.

We have a full bathroom in the garage area. This is my bathroom. Although i do not shower in the bathroom, I use everything else. All of my hair accessories and products along with my makeup is in this bathroom.

Right outside of my bedroom/office is the deck. Chairs need to be disassembled and packed in their carry case.

The day before we leave, Hubby checked the tire air pressure in all 6 of our 5th wheel wheels. We just had the Big Boy truck to the Chevy Dealership for an oil change and multi-point inspection which included checking the tires. Our Big Boy truck recently needed some warranty work done. This dealership was great. People talk about dealerships not taking care of Trucks not bought at their facility. Van Gannaway Chevrolet was excellent. The Big Boy truck needed a part for the emissions system. The parts were around $3,000 and I don’t know what labor would have been because everything was covered under warranty. We even got a loaner car to use while they were working on our Truck. We took it in on a Monday morning and picked it up the next morning.

The morning we are leaving, there is outside work to be done and I help Hubby with the outside work. He loves to make fun of me and when he makes fun of me for something stupid, he gets the middle finger. We actually get along very well. I’m the boss and he does what I say. Happy wife, Happy life.

The last thing I do before we pull out of Wekiva is take a picture of the electricity meter. I take that to the office and pay my last electricity bill. The office staff is very friendly.

The ride to our new resort is 2 hours and 20 minutes northwest from Wekiva. It was an enjoyable ride. Hubby was happy to be pulling the 5th wheel. It is always exciting to go to a new resort.

We are very impressed as we pull into our new resort. Southern Leisure is an over 55 gated RV resort.

Once we get into our space, we need to unhitch. I help Hubby put the wheel chocks under the wheels and help him unhitch. I work the buttons on the panel that lower or raise the 5th wheel. We get unhitched and I then press the buttons to auto level the rig. While Hubby is connecting the sewer, electricity and water, I connect the cable for TV. The next thing on our to do list is put out the slides. After the slides are out, we can bring in the pups. The pups were cooped up in the truck for a few hours and were very happy to be back in their home on their favorite couch.

We are going to like this new resort. We are here for two months. They have a lot of activities here. I like that we are parked on cement and we have a cement patio. No one in this park has a picnic table but we don’t use it anyway.

There is a large community room aka the Clubhouse. The registration office shares the building with the post office.

This resort has daily activities. And they serve food in the Clubhouse. Today we had our choice of an Olive Garden Salad and breadstick or a pulled pork sandwich. It was rather yummy. And the price was right. The meals are $5.00. I went alone because Hubby would not eat this food. Hubby does not like salads and Hubby does not like pulled pork.

I really can’t wait to use the pool. They have water exercise sessions and I for sure will take advantage of that. The pool is heated.

Love sunsets and full moons in Florida. It was actually dark when I took this picture. It is a full moon behind the clouds.

This quote was on FaceBook and I liked it. I do not know who wrote it.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and tell your mind good things.


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