Golf Cart Newbies and a Trip to

Yesterday towards evening, we took a Golf Cart ride around the campground. The weather was perfect. We rode the whole north side of the campground. It was such a nice evening, we decided to go over to the south side of the campground. Everything was going great and very close to the end of our ride, the Golf Cart started to slow down. We looked at each other in puzzlement. The Golf Cart has this knob that manages the speed of the Golf Cart. Hubby asked me if I was moved the knob. I didn’t. I turned to knob all the way to the right so the Golf Cart could go the fastest speed of around 17 miles per hour. We went slower. Why are we going slower? Is the Golf Cart broken? Then the light bulb came on. Shucks, I looked at the battery level gauge and we were almost out of charge. Would we make it back to our campsite? We started to down a slight grade and we picked up a little speed. But once we leveled out, we slowed down to a turtle crawl. Then we stopped completely. Time to push.

Last year when we were at Wekiva, we took the pups to the Sanford RiverWalk. We decided to do it again today. Today’s temps were in the high 80s. Yep, we picked one of the hottest days to take the pups for a walk.

We put this bad boy in his backpack carrier and off we go. We get so much attention when we have Benji in his backpack carrier. Everyone thinks Benji is so cute. At 86º, I do not think Benji is cute. He is my little pain in the butt. We did let him walk a little towards the end of our walk.

Hubby is in charge of BooBoo and Bella. They walk well on the double leash.

What a beautiful day. Blue skies and sunshine.

The walkway gives us a great view of St Johns River and Lake Monroe. Some of the boats or should I say yachts are big and beautiful.

Flags were at half staff today. I hadn’t watched the news so I was a little concerned I missed something. I use a new browser called DuckDuckGo. I looked up “flag at half staff today” and found it was to honor two Florida police officers who recently lost their lives. It also appears Gov. DeSantis ordered the Flags flown at half staff at three locations to honor Rush Limbaugh.

It is really nice for a northerner to see flowers in February.

BooBoo had a big day today and he is very tired. He didn’t even pester me to play tonight. BooBoo walked the whole way today. Benji got to ride in his backpack carrier and Bella was so tired, I carried her when we took Benji out of the backpack and let him walk. My little BooBoo is out like a light.

God Bless, Stay Safe, Be Kind to Every Kind and remember if you have a Golf Cart that runs by battery be sure to charge your batteries.

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